Sunday, 15 June 2014

Nearly holiday time

hey y'all

Just a quick one to say HI!  We are off on holiday shortly, and I shall be blogging from the road, so stay tuned.

We are all well, and I just about survived my first full week with both boys off.  Man, they are loud and demanding, but I think thats just kids for you.  We saw plenty of friends and took multiple trips to the pool which helped burn off lots of energy.  It is so hot here now that you can really only do outdoor things in the morning, as the afternoons are hot or thundery.  Best time fore the pool (not in the thunder though!)

I am still just about managing to keep up the #yearofoliver on Instagram.  You see this little camera icon on the right???  If you click on it, it should take you to my Instagram account, even if you don't have one yourself.  There you can see all the delightful photos of Oliver.

Thats it…. Just wanted to touch in before we go.  Only a couple of days now, and I am still not packed…..  My mum would be shocked……….

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