Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

After last Christmases craziness, this has been a very relaxing time.  The period between the boys finishing school and Christmas Day was a week.  It was very chilled.  We did very little, spent a lot of time around the house, preparing for the big day.

I tried a couple of new things.  I made mulled wine in the slow cooker on Christmas Eve, and de seeded a pomegranate for the first time, in preparation for our Christmas Day cocktails.

Christmas Eve was spent at the Barton's. Six families, 12 adults and 14 kids (2 are missing from the picture below)

 And no fighting from anyone! Everyone was well behaved, and the kids left felling pretty sleepy.

The adults left feeling a bit fuzzy.....

Once we got home, our kids, or rather Isaac, sprinkled the reindeer food into the lawn, and set out cookies, carrots and milk for Santa.  They must have been good this year, as they had quite a pile.

And the mulled wine I mentioned earlier went down a treat.  It was yummy, and definitely something I will do again.

Isaac managed to contain himself till 6am on Christmas Day.  The boys were crazy excited. We were wise parents, and had put the coffee on the night beforehand!

The boys got straight down to opening presents.  I have never seen a child so happy over underwear before....


This was probably one of Oliver's favorite presents,  a bag to hold the skylanders.  We weren't even sure it was going to arrive on time.  Thank goodness for Amazons lightning deals!


Considering Isaac's birthday was only a month before, he did very well.  He is probably easiest to buy for, as he is in to pretty much everything, and plays with all he gets. 


All the boys received some form of play doh. They are really into it at the moment.  Seb really wanted the buzz saw pictured below, and luckily for him he got it.  The play doh was out most of the day.


We had a big turkey, which was a gift from Paul's work.  It was tasty, but far too big for us.  I think next year, when we receive it, we will give it to a food bank, so someone can have it who really appreciates it.  A lot of ours went in the freezer, but too much went in the bin.  

I think Isaac played with all his presents that day.  Oliver made about half his Lego. Sebastian still has toys he has not played with yet (it's New Year's Eve tomorrow). Santa was exceptional bad this year.  He gifted some Lego to Oliver the was meant for paul.  Whoops.....

I did pretty well too.  I got a new iPad, chocolate, a jewelry stand, Lego and other little bits.  Paul also did well, with plenty of clothes, rum and a few other little bits.

The boys went to bed at a normal time on Christmas Day.  Paul and I stayed up not too late, and didn't drink too much either.

I woke up the next morning feeling terrible.  I was sick a couple of times in the morning, and felt like death.  While I was up in the morning, paul managed to make the present for the boys from the Gosling's.  It is an awesome climbing frame.  Oliver has mastered it.  Isaac is getting there.  Sebastian can't even make the first rung yet.  He will in time.......


I spent most of the afternoon in bed, sleeping.  I managed to drag myself up to help get the boys to bed, and managed to keep done some food, so knew I would be on the mend.

Good job too, as we were off to the mountains the next day!

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