Thursday, 11 December 2014


I know, its been a while.  Sorry.

Here are some shots of what we have been up to.  Sebastian had a party at school for Thanksgiving, which I was able to take him to.  He enjoyed it, even though he didn't eat anything.  It was nice to see him in his school surroundings.

Then it was Isaacs birthday.  I can't believe he is 6.  I did him a special blog post (find it here).  He did well, better than he thought he would.

He particularly loved his presents from Nanny and Granddad Gosling, and the Battle Rover that Granddad Lee got him.

We went out to eat at Carolina Ale House on the Woodruff.  Darn convenient for us, as his birthday was a tuesday, and thats the night kids eat for 99 cents.  We have been eating out in the week for about a month, to take advantage of discounted kids prices. For example, we went to Zaxby's last night, and the five of us had meals for $15 (thats about 10 quid!).

Isaac was most insistent that he wore his explorers gear out for dinner on his birthday.   It looked awesome with his beige school uniform trousers.

I made his cake, with the help of a cake topper I purchased on Amazon.  The spongebob figures and candles we picked up cheap in Walmart about 6 months ago.  I love a good rummage through the clearance sections!

He loved it!

For his birthday treat, he chose Frankies Fun Park.  Unfortunately they have changed the single go-karts so you have to be taller to ride them.  Isaac was most upset about this, but we managed to bring him round.  Then on for a game of mini golf.

We have also been to the zoo a couple of time.  Not sure we are going to renew our membership.  Admittedly the kids loved it, but we were not so keen.  We will see how we feel when it comes up for renewal. 

Here is evidence that the posed pictures of the boys take a lot of direction.

We have been in to Greenville a few times, and decided to check out the World of Miniature train display.  It was nice, very pretty, but a little pricey for 30-or-so minutes entertainment

Of course, now it is December, an elf has appeared.  Meet Emmet.  The boys are not too taken with him.  Apparently, he doesn't do enough (bad mummy and daddy).  Will have to rectify that this weekend.  He did bring them a new advent calendar, and new pajamas.  

And with Christmas comes crafting.  I have done a lot, none of which I can mention yet, as it is for various people here, as Christmas presents.  I did try out my new glue gun though, and made this delightful Christmas tree.  I was well pleased with myself.  Most of the decorations on it I have picked up in various craft stores clearance sections.  Or the dollar tree.

The boys have also got in on the crafts.  Seb and I made some cinnamon dough.  Should I say, I made it, as Seb gagged at the smell.  I cut out various Christmas shapes, using cookie cutters, and left them to dry out.  The boys decorated them last week end.  They were lucky enough to get to use my new acrylic paints.  I wanted to see how they looked, and the boys were willing participants. 

I have since coated them with Modge Podge, to give them a nice shine, and the idea is the boys will use them on tags for the gifts for their teachers (also home made by moi).  Its like I have too much time on my hands (HA!)

We have decorated outside.  We are hoping to go and get our tree this weekend, but we want to go to a pick your own place, but one where they chop it for you.  I shall be making enquiries tomorrow.

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