Saturday, 29 November 2014

Granny Walters

My Gran, Granny Walters, passed away yesterday morning.  She was 91.

In the first part of the year, she had a couple of falls at home.  These hospitalized her, and it was decided that for her safety, she should move in to a home.  This happened in August.  My dad had to go over to Northern Ireland numerous times when she was hospitalized, then to assist her with her move.

She had settled into the home quite well, dad went to see her over October half term, and she was fine. In the last few weeks though, she has been struggling to breath.  The doctor decided to send her to the hospital on wednesday, as her oxygen output was very low.  She was found to have fluid on her lungs, so they put in a chest drain.  When they analyzed the fluid, they found cancerous cells.  The doctor called my dad to tell him.  He was already planning on flying out today.  The next day the nurses called him to advise him to get there as soon as possible, my Gran's kidneys were beginning to fail.  He rearranged his flight for friday, then called me on thursday night to tell me what was happening.

I text him yesterday to see how she was.  He asked me to call, and broke the news.  I really feel for my dad.  Like me, he is an only child.  He has done so well in taking care of her from a distance.  I know he will miss her greatly.

I initially wanted to be there for the funeral, to say my good byes, and to be there for my dad.  The funeral is Tuesday, in Northern Ireland.  I just can't get there, it is too difficult.  She will be in my thoughts all day....

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