Monday, 3 November 2014

Talladega Forest

We were home 4 days before we were off again!  Friday morning, we headed out to Alabama.  We had tickets for the NASCAR race on the sunday.  Our friends, the Withers (Tom, Rachel, Riley and Layla) came with us.  We had a pleasant drive through Atlanta, Georgia, then on to a little area of Alabama called Wedowee.  A very scenic, picturesque, Southern town.  We arrived at the house just before the Withers.  I initially picked this house for its accommodation and proximity to the lake.

It had plenty of bedrooms.  Tom and Rachel took the one on the top floor, Paul and I took the one on the main floor, and all the kids got bundled in the 2 rooms downstairs.  The back of the house had decking, which took you out to the pontoon.  

The view from the pontoon down onto the river was beautiful.  

Plenty of space in the main living area.  There was also another living area just though the door pictured below.  This had a lovely swinging bed, which the kids (and Rachel) loved sitting on.  

It may have been the second weekend in October, but it was not cold.  30 degrees outside!  Tom decided he was going for a swim in the Lake.  Then all the boys wanted in on the action.

The air may have been warm but the water was not.  Isaac would not go in.  Sebastian, the little water baby went in, then got out very quickly.  Oliver went for it though, as did Riley.  As ours went in, Paul had to go in too.  I think he enjoyed it!

After a quick swim, the boys headed back in to get warm.  Riley was very good about letting Sebastian play games with him.  

We had a BBQ dinner, and packed the kids off to bed.  Ours were still a bit messed up by the time change after England, and decided 5.30 was a good time  to wake up and come upstairs.  Unfortunately, I was led to believe it was 6.30, and put the TV on for them in the second living room. Whoops....Paul got up and went and sat with them (honestly, he is the best father/husband ever!) Riley and Layla surfaced about 7.  Tom made us breakfast,  while we discussed the plans for the day.

Tom had been doing some research, and had found a car museum in Alexander City, about an hours drive away.  It seemed like a good shout.  Seb and Isaac slept in the car on the way there, which was a brucey! 

Wellborn Muscle Car Museum is devoted to cars from the 60's and 70's.  It has the nations largest high performance Dodge collection.

There were a lot of cars to see.  Given the proximity of the museum to Talladega, I can imagine that this was probably one of their busier weekends.  

The kids were free, making this a fairly cheap trip out.  Not sure if it is something we would have done if we were on our own, but it was fun all the same.  

Lunch time was fast approaching, so we decided to head back towards Roanoke for some lunch.  Tom found a little BBQ place, where we stopped for some lunch.  Not sure the kids ate much, but it was good all the same! 

We headed back to the house, where the kids played kindles, I watched Frozen (first time ever!!!) and we all chilled out, ready for the excitement of the next day....

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