Tuesday, 25 November 2014

6 years old

Isaac is now 6.  Where has the time gone???  This post is a bit of an ode to Isaac, so excuse me if I get all sentimental....

Isaac cooked the longest out of all 3 boys, 38 weeks.  He was also my first diabetic pregnancy, with me developing gestational diabetes at 24 weeks pregnant.  I was on insulin for the rest of the pregnancy (little did I know how that would affect me in the end, HA!)  The joys (!!!) of having gestational diabetes were more hospital trips and more scans.  It was during the last scan, at about 36 weeks that Isaac was discovered to be head up, and not head down.

And that is how he stayed.  All the way through pregnancy, labour and birth.  Thank goodness for epidural, Persian OB/GY doctor and a newly qualified and eager midwife! Isaac was born left bum cheek first, to an audience of midwives and student doctors.  We were fortunate enough to only have to stay in hospital 4 days.

From the moment he came home, we all loved him.  Like any good Gosling baby, he was jaundiced.  He also fitted like a glove to our little lives.  He fed like a trooper, and has always been quite stocky and bulky.  He decided to stop nursing at 8 months.  The world around him (his brother), was far more interesting).

He walked at 10 months, and was able to tell us quite clearly, and in full sentences,  what he wanted for his second birthday.  I am pretty sure being in the same house when his baby brother was born 2 months later was not on his list!!!

Isaac started preschool at 2 and a half, the youngest of all the boys.  He loved it, though he did need a bit of an adjustment period.  He has always given the impression of taking to change well, though his opposition to it usually rears its ugly head a few months later.

He has had some difficulty adjusting to life here, he is the one who craves England the most.  He loves his brothers whole heartedly, his relationship with Sebastian has truly blossomed this year.  Isaac is one of the most caring considerate children I have ever met.  He think of others a lot, and shows really good empathy for a six year old.

In some respects I am glad he has started school here, a year later than in England.  There is no pressure on him to start reading (yet!), which is good, as he hated the idea of it.  I can only imagine the battles we would have had in England.....

Isaac cares so much for the world around him.  He loves animals, and knows when something is pretty or beautiful, and is not afraid to share his thoughts.  In fact, he will share any thought that comes in to his head.  He is in danger of beating Oliver as the blabber mouth of the family.  He likes to sing.  A LOT.

He does get upset.  He has high standards, and when he feels he cannot achieve these high standards, he gets frustrated with himself, and then he starts lashing out.  Every one has been on the end of one of Isaacs incidents.  Especially school.  I know his behavior can be troublesome, and it does worry me sometimes.

You have your moments Mr Isaac, but you really are the most awesome 6 year old ever.  Happy Birthday babe!!!!!

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