Friday, 31 July 2015

Anna Marie - Beach, pool, beach, pool

Most of the posts from here in will likely be photo drops.  So here goes.

This was our yard.   The pool was a good size.  Adequate for 3 small boys.  The house had a sitting area outside, as well as 3 loungers.  Most of our time for the first 5 days was spent between the beach and the pool, with some thunderstorms thrown in for good measure.  There was also a very good grill, which we used at least every other day.

We found this guy in the pool the first morning.  It is a ghost crab.  We had never seen one before.  

We let him go in the yard, but he quickly made his way back into the pool.  We ended up taking him to the beach to release him.

This was one of the sitting areas in the house.  We liked sitting here in the evening, with the doors open, as they had bug screens over the doors.  And good job, cos I got bitten a LOT

There was also tones of lizards around.  You could barely move outside without one running by you.

We ate out at The Sandbar twice, once for lunch and once for dinner.  Once outside, on the beach, and once inside, in the evening.  A nice restaurant.  Busy in the evening, not too bad at lunch.

The beach was awesome. The waves varied from day to day, but we did end up buying another boogie board, so all the boys had one.  There were some awesome looking fish, and we think we may have seen something a little bigger.....  When a guy fishing in the water pegs it out, it is highly likely he spotted something with a grey fin, and a tool shaped head.....

But it was so beautiful.  And quiet too.  We were a short walk from the Sandbar restaurant along the beach, and as you looked south, you could see how much busier the beaches  became. We were very fortunate to have chosen the quieter end of the island. 

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