Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Better weather = beach, pool, beach, pool, beach, pool

Ready for some ramblings?!?

Our children loved having their own pool, as did we.  By the end of the first day, both Isaac and Seb had lost their arm bands.  Using a combination of swimming and snorkeling techniques, they were both able to swim lengths of the pool. Their under water swimming is awesome also. They are always in their googles at the pool now.

Our house had a fabulous grill, and 3 different areas to sit and eat.  We grilled pretty much every other night, but had to stop sitting outside as I was being eaten alive by mosquitos (as was Oliver!).  These are some delicious chicken kebabs we had.  He ate them in soft taco shells, with all the trimmings.  Delicious!

Speaking of tacos, we went for lunch at Poppo's Taquerias, just round the corner for the house.  Paul and I both had huge burritos, Oliver and Seb had quesadillas, while Isaac went for chips (it is the one thing he will eat at Mexican style places).  These were some of the best burritos we have ever had.  Add in the local crafted beer, and the healthiest sodas you could wish for, and you are on to a winner. It even gets Isaacs thumbs up!

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We could not be on the Gulf of Mexico with out seeing a sun set.  It was beautiful.  Although we didn't get to see the whole thing go down (darn clouds), it was certainly worth the little walk.  The kids loved splashing in the sea too!

We went for lunch at Ginny and Jane E's.  This is not your usual cafe.  They are also a shop specializing in one of a kind and handcrafted goods.  I even saw some products made in Sussex, UK! They have a bakery at the back of the store and cater for breakfast and lunch also.  The kids certainly enjoyed their lunch, especially as their brownie came out first. They must have been hungry though, as they devoured everything on their plates.  Paul and I both went with the Philly Cheesesteak, and it was delicious.  The only thing that put a dampener on the experience for us was an older gentleman sitting at the table next to us.  As he departed with his friends he made some comment about adult only eateries.  Not sure what he was getting at.... My kids aren't that bad (most of the time!)

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As this post says, we spent a lot of time at the beach.  It was so nice and peaceful.  The kids are all pretty good at making sandcastles now, if a little impatient sometimes... Paul and I don't mind helping most of the time.

One afternoon we headed to the beach.  It had been a cloudy kinda day but there was no sign of a storm.  Then these clouds were spotted.....

We checked our Accuweather App.  Rain was expected in 15 minutes, but only actually raining for 10.  We decided to sit it out.  We covered all the important stuff like diabetic supplies and my phone.  As soon as it started raining, we went and lay in the shallows.  The sea water was warmer than the rain!! We weren't the only ones either. Any part of you that was no in the water was really cold, but in the water it was very pleasant.  If this had been the Atlantic coast, I don't think you could have done it.  But we did it.  We sat out the rain, and behind it was some beautiful blue sky.  We stayed on the beach for about an hour after the rain had passed.

You are not British till you have sat on the beach in the rain......

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