Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day trip to St Petersburg

Since doing our trip to Tampa, Paul was keen to go to St Petersburg for the day.  This was mainly for the Indy Car track that is set up there.  So on the final thursday, we set off, via a stop at the local outlet stores.

We reached the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and paid our toll.  Unfortunately all my photos are blurry....

We had done research so knew where we were going, so it was not long before we came across part of the track.  This race is held annually at the end of March, at the beginning of the Indy Car season.  
The picture below is the Victory Circle Monument right by turn 10 on the track

The other side of the monument is the Dan Wheldon Monument.  Dan Wheldon lost his life while racing in Indy Car at Las Vegas in 2011.  He was from Emberton, England.  Paul was actually watching the race on TV when it happened.  It was very hard to take in.  It felt significant to Paul.  They were the same age.  Wheldon has 2 sons, named Sebastian and Oliver.  It was moving for us, seeing this monument, I think the boys even understood the gravity of what had happened.  

This was something Paul wanted to do, and I completely understand the significance.  As I write this, I am on the verge of tears....

We went for some lunch while trying to decide what else we wanted to do with our time in St Petersberg.  There doesn't seem much, if I am honest.  Using various travel apps, we decided to go to the number one tourist attraction in the city: The Dali Museum.

An absolutely stunning building, just over the road from the Victory Circle Monument.  Not cheap either.  We were encouraged to take audio guides, but we decided not to, as we didn't think the kids would wear them.  We would probably have got more out of the museum if we had.

Don't get me wrong, some of the exhibits are cool.  We were kinda lucky that they had a Da Vinci display on, as the kids know who he is from the film Mr Peabody and Sherman.  Otherwise there was little to hold them.  They did like the mannequin with fish in it though! 

To be honest we did the whole thing in about 30 minutes.  Hind sight is a great thing.  The whole place felt very pretentious.  For our kids, it just wasn't worth it.  If it had been just Paul and I, then great, we would have taken a head set and enjoyed it.  But with the boys , I was more concerned about their behavior, and they weren't even misbehaving (except Seb, and he is  super cute, so gets away with it...).  I didn't want them to ruin anyone else enjoyment.  I probably need to stop being so concerned about this....

We walked out feeling very underwhelmed, and headed back to the car.

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