Monday, 24 August 2015

Back to School - Finally

My children went back to school today. It has felt like a particularly long break this year.  Admittedly, I kept Sebastian in daycare over the summer.  two reasons: It helps his speech and social development to be with kids his age, and my 3 together over long extended periods of time are very tiring.....  it just worked out better for everyone....

So I have kept the same systems as last year.  They still have a closet for school clothes on the landing.  They still have their boxes in the utility room for their stuff (though I am hoping to upgrade these shortly) and we have lost the lunch box lists on the fridge.  Instead we have a paper calendar with their school lunches that they are buying written on those days.  For their packed lunches, I know what they have. It is almost an art form now.  Also written on the calendar is that nights dinner. They seem more concerned with this these days.  If I can get a dinner where they all eat it is a success.  If 2 out of 3 of them eat my dinner, it is also a success.  Fussy children

I digress.  Isaac was very composed and calm this morning, which was good to see.  Long may it last

Oliver was a little disorganized and tired.  Typical Oliver really 

Oliver is morning car pool patrol this year.  This means he needs to be in school between 7.40-7.45.  We now need to leave the house NO LATER that 7.25.  It was not too bad this morning.  Oliver was there at 7.40 on the dot.  I drove round to the car park, Isaac and Seb looked at some books before driving round through car pool again at 7.50.

Isaac took this lovely shaky picture of Oliver at his car pool station.  I will get a better one... I am a little concerned about Isaac sitting around before school.  I worry he will be bored, and this may have a detrimental effect on the rest of his day.  From wednesday onwards, those there at 7.45 will be able to play outside, so that is what Isaac will do!

All in, I think they had a good day.  They had a half day today, and another one tomorrow, before falling into full time on wednesday.  I will be early to get them.  They spend a lot of time in school... I am really hoping this year is going to be good.  I think they will both do well.  Oliver will have to get used to the responsibility of being the top of the lower school.  I think more structured work and routine will help Isaac.  I am also going to be volunteering in school.  I reckon I will be there about 4 times a month.  Will do them good to know I am involved.

Sebastian went to full time days last wednesday.  I now drop him after the other 2, about 8.15.  I collect him before the other 2, so about 2.30.  He has a rest period now, but it is only for an hour.  This is mainly to get him used to being in school full time.  If we were in England, he would be starting reception class, full time, in 2 weeks.  He seems to be loving it so far, and his teachers seem lovely.  Long may it all continue....

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