Sunday, 27 December 2015

Road Trip South - Daytona and Savannah

Apologies for the delay in getting this blog done.  Consequently, it will be mainly a photo drop! 

We chose Daytona as one of the stops on the way back from the Keys as we wanted to see it.  I was fortunate enough to get us booked into a Holiday Inn right on Daytone beach.

We were on the 5th floor, and the view of the beach was stunning.

This is Daytona, so cars can drive on the beach at certain times, if the tide allows it.  Hind sight is great, we should have taken the car on the beach the day we got there.  The tide was in the next morning, so we weren't able to do it. 

The beach is stunning, if a little dangerous with all the cars going up and down.  

We chose to eat dinner in the hotel restaurant, just for convenience.  But it was a pretty good meal!  The moon was stunning from the balcony.  We decided to let the boys have the 2 double beds, and we took the sofa bed in the living room.  We were able to see the sun rise while lying in bed.  Very cool

We ate breakfast at the hotel, even though it was not included in the price. We ate outside, it was very warm.  

We checked out pretty quick, and made our way out of Daytona past the racetrack

Because it was the weekend after thanksgiving, they were not running any tours.  Otherwise we would have.  We are now debating when we will be able to go to a race there. 

Our final stop was in Savannah, Georgia.  We had driven through there a couple of times on out way to and from Tybee Island, but I wanted to see it properly.  

We were fortunate enough to get to our hotel and dump the car, before walking through Savannah to the River.

I was able to get the tickets just in time for the 2pm sailing.  It was on a remodeled boat, to look like a steam paddle boat.

They gave a nice little guided tour as we sailed up and down the river.  They even had a special guest....

Too early for Christmas in my mind....  After the boat trip we had a little walk around Savannah 

It is a beautiful city with lots of architectural details 

The whole place is stunning

We had dinner at a local brewery, where we finally got to do a craft beer sampler.  I wasn't too keen on this place.  I was cold, as we sat outside, and the food was not great.

The hotel was also not too super.  They were having work done in the lobby, which meant for a noisy afternoon, and breakfast in a conference room.

Not the best ending to an awesome trip, but hey.  We had a thoroughly great time.  We were able to leave Savannah and drive non stop back home.  We were even home in time for lunch! 

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