Thursday, 17 December 2015

Road trip South - Key West

We made a big effort to be on the road early from Miami.  We hit a bit of traffic, but not too much.  We had to drive back through homestead again.  It was fun seeing all the race paraphernalia, and remembering it from the previous day. 

The road down to Key West is long.  Like 120 miles long.  Admittedly, The scenery is stunning.  We got a beautifully clear day to drive down.  We were unsure what to do for lunch.  We had plenty of snacks in the car.  The majority of the islands that are not occupied on the keys are designated a marine protected area, so there are plenty of state parks.  Instead of stopping at a restaurant or for fast food, we decided to stop at one of these,  Curry Hammock state park.  Best $8 we have spent on lunch while on the road. The view was beautiful.  There was a few other people around, but not many.  

After lunch we went for a little walk along the beach.  The kids played in the park too.  It was very warm.

We probably stopped for about an hour in total.  A great way to break up the drive.  It is so stunningly beautiful in the keys.

And hardly anything there.  The people that do live there are very on top of each other, as we found out.  I had booked the hotel ages ago.  The Southernmost Beach Resort is exactly as the name says, the southern most resort in the whole of the continental USA.  Given the size of our family, and our budget, we were limited by hotel room choices.  We were pretty pleased with what we had though.  This was the view from our balcony

We went out for dinner that night.  The hotel sat at the south of Duval Street.  This is basically the party street of Key West.  We found a pub type place for some food.  Key west is not the most kid friendly place..... We enjoyed it all the same!  

The hotel did not include breakfast, though they were adjoined to the Southern Most cafe.  This is where we ate breakfast every morning.  The breakfasts were very good.  Most mornings after breakfast we would go for a walk around the grounds of the resort before most people were up and about. They had plenty of hammock's around, which the kids loved.

They also had a bar area with a fooseball table.  The boys discovered this the first morning, and absolutely loved it.

Our first full day we had a glass bottomed boat ride to the coral reefs booked.  Unfortunately it was too windy, so it got cancelled.  We spent the day on the beach drinking cocktails and playing with the kids.  We went out for dinner that night to a nice ace we had spotted the evening before.  The good restaurants all had set times for meals, like 12-2 lunch and 6-10 dinner.  A little old fashioned, and certainly not the convenience of the rest of America......

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