Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Road trip south - The rest of Key West

The rest of our time in Key West passed smoothly.  We rescheduled our boat trip for Thursday afternoon, thanksgiving.  It was still a little windy.  We noticed that morning that there was a cruise ship in.  

We headed up to the north of Duval Street, as this is where the boat trip, Fury, was leaving from.  Oh my word.  The crowds.  There were people EVERYWHERE. It was like being in London In a much smaller area.  It was crazy (not that you would know it from there photos)

 We got to check in for the boat, only to be told that due to a small vessel advisory, they were only offering boat trips around the harbor at a reduced rate.  We declined this and got our money back.  Not happy.

We wandered among the crowds, and came across the Key West Aquarium.  Not the biggest, but our kids love aquariums.  There has been an aquarium at that site for over 70 years.  

The north end of Duval Street really is touristy.  There are plenty of ways for you to spend your money.  It is actually a perfect cruise stop.  Seeing the cruise ships really opened our eyes.  We are certainly contemplating a cruise.......

We got some ice cream, and milled around the harbor for a bit.  It is really beautiful, and there is a real Caribbean/Cuban influence to this part of the island.  

Again, this is another place to do without the kids in the future.  We headed back to the hotel, to start packing up for the drive the next day.  Will certainly miss this view though, such a great resort.

We were able to get on the road by 8.30 the next morning.  We filled up our coffee mugs, and the kids had snacks in the car for breakfast.  

I drove the first leg along the really long highway across all the bridges and throu the beautiful scenery.

The Keys and Key West really are fantastic places to visit.  Shame they are so far away from everything.  But that just adds to the charm.  

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