Friday, 22 June 2012

Recent developments...

A big HELLO to all the netmums from February 2011, and my friends/ family who have been guided or have inadvertently found this blog. Please keep following me, it will get more interesting.......

So since yesterday..... Paul received 3 emails, one from the visa people, one from the relocaters, and one from the private school. The visa people need Paul to fill out lots of 'interesting' forms to get the visa process started. The relocaters will arrange our look and see, our first travel, and everything else! The school (Christchurch Epicospical School, look it up if you feel inclined) have sent us some forms to fill in to begin the admissions process for Oliver. It's quite funny, as 2 of these forms are in German, obviously for those coming from BMW in Germany. They are expecting Oliver to go into Grade 2, the English equivalent of year 3. They will test him first to see which grade his ability is. I have done a bit of research on this, and I think he will be ok in this academically, but we will see!

Isaac's first attempt at writing his name
I also want them to test Isaac, as although he is not meant to start kindergarten till the September after he is 5 (2014!!!), I think they will take him in September 2013, especially as he is being paid for. He has been practicing writing today, copying words, I am really pleased with how clear they are for one of his first attempts. I swear Oliver could not write this well at 3 1/2! I have also booked Oliver and Isaac's hepatitis B vaccinations.

All children in the US are vaccinated for this as part of their routine vaccinations from birth. And we thought we put our kids immune systems through a lot.... So 11th July, jabs for the big boys, just before school. The way to make a good day, NOT! I am not doing Sebastian, as in theory he will be 4 when we come home, so should not need them. If he ends up in daycare/ preschool out there, then I will get them done in the US, at the companies expense.

I am beginning to sell a lot of baby stuff form around the house. I plan to add more stuff to my page when I need too. Hopefully I can make a little bit of money, so we have a bit extra before we go and do not need to ship anything unnecessarily. If you are on Facebook please look for the Goslings Great House Clearance page. No doubt I will be posting again soon, so look out for it. Much love xxx

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