Thursday, 21 June 2012

Its happening...........

Feel quite hungover today, sat up til nearly 1am drinking and chating about all that Paul found out yesterday.

So here goes..........  Paul has lots of things he neds to do to secure his job for when we come back. He has to find a mentor and get a personal development plan going.  He has someone in mind, so it should not be too hard. 

The lady fromAmerica HR was very helpful.  He is going on an intercompany transfer, so will be applying for a L1B visa, specialist knowledge. Shortly his info will be pased on to international HR based in Oxford, they wil sort his tax/salary/etc.  They sort all the fine details.  The company use another company (company A)in the US to fluff up his job stuff, to American standards, then apply for the visa.   They send over this info, which we need to take to the embassy in London for an interview. They will take our passports, which we should receive back about a week later with visas. This whole proces from fluffing up job description to visa interviews should take about 10 weeks. So that puts us in the middle of August.

About 6 weeks before his oficial start date (1st October) we go for our look and see.  This is a Saturday-Saturday trip full of activities, organised by yet another company (company B)!  They sort al the flights, hotel, rental car etc.  Company B also arrange the move.  We will recieve a questionnaire from them with regards to packing our stuff, the cat, and al that jazz.

What this means is, I can still do my residential school, we can still go to France (we need to change our ferry boking for about the 23rd July-4th August), then at some point before the boys go back to school we will be going to America for the week. I get 2 holidays this sumer, wooohooo!

So thats it. We are moving to America!!!!  I am sooooooooooooooo excited, I am going to get an X5!!!!!  Cant wait to drive that bad boy, lol!!!!!

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