Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tuesday night dribbles.....

Well, my evening with Philippa went well. We met in the car park, unintentionally, and she had guessed we were moving, just didn't know where. I filled her in on all the info that's on here, and pointed her in this blogs direction, so hello Philippa!

Turns out we missed some vital info when we were looking at the relocation companies website. Isaac is able to go to preschool, and there is a list of 6 to choose from. I have narrowed it down to 2 that I really like the look of. Again, the company pays up to a certain amount.

Paul is still waiting on a few bits of info for the visa, typically it is info from the America side! But the lady at company a suggested he sent what he has, then she will pass it on to the immigration person to see if it is sufficient. Paul has found his mentor though, which is good.

Paul received an email today from company b (relocation company), to say that they are going to be arranging our flights, hotels and rental car for our look and see trip. So looks like we are going to America on 25th August!!! Holy cow, can't believe it is happening.......

Starting to feel a bit more confident about telling people. Can't help looking round my house wondering what we should sell. Looked into Oliver's school uniform, just as 'research'. That's not cheap... Also checked out his school dates, very informative. So much going on in this little brain of mine. Not forgetting the iCMA that I have for my chemistry residential due 3rd July, and TMA03 for my psychology course due 1st September. Personally I have a hectic month in July, regarding OU work. Then holiday, then more OU work, then America for our look and see.

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