Monday, 3 June 2013


I feel like I want to write a bit about the baseball season Oliver has been playing in this year.

First game
This was arranged by Simpsonville Parks and Recreation department, operating out of Heritage Park.  Heritage Park is a big, purpose built facility, on the outskirts of Simpsonville.  It has 10 baseball fields.

There were 10 teams in Oliver's grade, all named after famous baseball teams.  Oliver played for the Marlins.  His coach was Coach Kyle.  He was amazing with the boys.  He had a couple of helpers, volunteers really, dads of players on the teams.

Practice began the first week of March, and games the second week of April.  There were 2 practices a week, till games began.  Then there were 2 games a week, the coach used his wisdom and did not hold anymore practices.
Smacking it

The Marlins were pretty good.  First practice was very interesting to watch, quite cringe worthy at times.  By the time the second game came round, they were getting good, and starting to play as a team.  As it was only 1st grade, they did not keep score, and everyone was a winner.  The kids had other ideas though, and kept score at every game. I think they only lost one, maybe two games.

It was a shame Oliver had to miss the last game as we were away.  The coach had already planned a little get together for the team, and we had paid a little bit of money so the boys could have trophies.  Yesterday Oli and I headed out to the far end of Simpsonville for a pool party at the coaches house.  It was a large free standing pool in his back yard.  Only about 7 of the kids could make it, but they all seemed to have a good time.  There were hotdogs, and cream cakes.  The coach presented them with their trophies and an impromptu game of baseball was played.  This ended up being coaches against players.  Some of these kids can really smack that ball now.

Coach Kyle, Oliver and his trophy
Interesting sight at a kids baseball game
All in, Oliver has really enjoyed the season.  It has been nice to meet other people, kids and parents alike, and get to see a real American past time in all its glory.  There is a fall season that I have every intention of signing him up for.  However, as he will be grade 2, he will have to try out, they will score the games, and it will all get a bit more serious......

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