Friday, 28 June 2013

Just a normal camp week

I know I only blogged a few days ago, but given we are going away soon, and I am not sure I will be inclined to blog while away.  If I do, it will be from my pad, so probably no photos, though they will come at a later date.

This week, Oliver has had basketball camp at his school.  He started off monday morning (and most of the previous weekend) with "I don't want to go to camp".  We all walked him in on Monday morning, were greeted by the admissions officer at school, and off he went.  Needless to say, he has loved it.  Playing lots of different games, and skills associated with basketball.  I think it has done him the world of good to be with kids his age, and away from his brother (and the Xbox) for a little while.

Loving the water, yes Seb has his head in the water
Meanwhile, Isaac, Sebastian and myself have been enjoying some time together.  Monday, we headed into Greenville to meet up with the International moms group, and although there was only 3 of us, we had a blast.  We walked from Falls Park, down the Reedy River to Linky Stone Park.  This is a small, sensual garden, with lots of things to entice the senses.  Well it was, when it was first created a few years ago.  Unfortunately time and vandals have had a play, and I don't think it is quite what it once was.  The idea is fab, lots of smell, touch and sight stimulus, the kids can even touch all the plants, there is no area out of bounds. The kids were able to enjoy the plants.  There is a musical bit , but most of the things to strike the 'instruments' were missing, or were missing themselves.  We did however see a tortoise on the path. That made the kids day.  From there we travelled back up the Reedy River towards Falls Park again.  We stopped at the splash area, near The Lazy Goat.  It has a waterfall, and water fountains coming out of the ground for kids to play in on hot days. My boys LOVED this.  I did not bring their swim gear, just a change of clothes.  I know what to do next time...  We were there for about 45 minutes, while the boys soaked themselves, and had a thoroughly great time.  We stopped for coffee on the way out, before heading to get Oliver.

Tuesday morning was mundane, food shopping.  But I did manage to find the time to take Isaac and Sen to the pool before we got Oliver.  In the afternoon we had some friends round, which was nice for the boys to play, then headed to the pool, again, with Paul when he got home from work.

Isaac with his cupcake
Wednesday after dropping Oliver, we headed to the zoo.  We had not been for a while.  It was nice to go, especially early in the morning.  Many people do not know that the zoo opens at 9 during the summer months.  It is nice to go when the day is cooler, and it is less crowded.  The only downside being that not all the animals are awake yet.  There was no lemurs, giraffes or lions out when we arrived. This could also be down to the Zoo camp that they run over the summer.  After the zoo, we were going to head to Greenville to Marble Slab to get some ice cream, but it doesn't open till 11.30!!!  We ended up in Chocolate Mousse instead, for possibly the most expensive cupcakes ever, but man they were good.  I had a red velvet, the boys had a chocolate one each.  Note to self:  next time just purchase them the icing, as this is all they eat (I did not know you could do this till another customer came in and did it for her child).  We will definitely be back here, but possibly just me with a friend, and no kids....

Today we have not done much.  We met up with my friend at the park this afternoon, her children had miraculously multiplied in to 4 (she had her friends kids too), luckily enough they all go to Isaac's school, so there was good common ground.  But it was too hot.  We met at 3, and it was too hot.  I don't foresee us going to many more parks in the afternoon until at least late August.  Its funny, in England you spend all winter indoors as it is too cold.  Here you spend the winter outside, and the Summer inside as it is too hot.  Don't get me wrong, I am loving the heat.  I don't think the boys have worn trousers since April.  Pretty much the same for me. 

Only 2 more sleeps till we head off on the epic drive.  Nearly 500 miles from here to Orlando.  Luckily the boys are used to being in the car for long journeys, all our trips to France have trained them well.  This is a wee bit further, but seeing as they are already discussing which films they are going to watch on the way down, I think they will be fine.  They are really excited, as am I.  Been along time since I did Florida, 15 years in fact.  I am looking forward to seeing it from a child's perspective, I think the boys are going to love it, and I can't wait.

Now I am off to make some goody bags for the trip!


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