Monday, 24 June 2013

Keeping chimps entertained


As the title suggests, I have been keeping chimps entertained this week.  It has not been easy, and at sometimes it has not been fun either.  

We met Liene at the library on Monday.  The event we had planned to go to was already at full capacity, so we were unable to hear the concert.  We kicked around in the library for a bit then they came back here.  Unfortunately the weather was not good enough for the pool.  In fact it was not good enough until wednesday! 

This gave me an opportunity to cut Seb's hair on tuesday.  I think it looks ok, for a mummy haircut....  Wednesday morning we headed to the pool.  The boys really enjoyed this.  Had a quick lunch, got Seb down for a sleep, they played computers, I did uni work (not fun).  We had some friends round on Wednesday and thursday afternoon.  It is so nice to have people over.  The kids always  seem to play so well, and I love a good natter.  our biggest problem is that no one wants to go home!
Friday I met up with some Simpsonville mummies.  There was about 10 of us, plus kids, so a very good gathering.  Almost took me back to my Netmums days.  I miss you guys xxxx

We came home, and it was time to get to work.  The boys made themselves pizza for lunch.  They had great fun doing this, even if only Oliver ate the end product.  I can safely say, having eaten Isaacs, that they were yummy.  

Seb went for a sleep, so me and the big two made some bracelets from pipe cleaners and beads, then took the sidewalk chalk out to the drive, did some drawing and played hopscotch.  It was hot though, so that did not last too long.

It had been suggested by a couple of people to go up to Greenville on Friday evening for Main Street Friday.  This is where they shut off the top of Main Street.  They set up inflatables for the kids, and a stage is set up near one of the hotels for live music.  We headed in early for some dinner, then off up the street.  We purchased some wrist bands for Paul and I, to enable us to drink alcohol.  And some tokens to buy the alcohol.  Next stop, beer truck.  I was able to get a Hoeegarden, yummy, have not had one of those for a while.  We headed up, past the stage area.  There were people with their camping chairs everywhere.  Once we got nearer the inflatable, it got less busy.  We purchased some wrist bands for the  older boys, to give them unlimited goes on the inflatable.  They certainly got their moneys worth.  We met up with our friends for a bit, which was nice.  They then disappeared of to get some food, so we hung around near the inflatables waiting for another friend.  They showed up, so we headed back down the street to get more beer.  The biggest issue of the night was the distance between the beer wagon and the kids area, but I think that is probably intentional.  We had a really good giggle with our friends, it was the first time the husbands had met, that can always be a worrying time, but they seemed to get on just fine.  The kids also get on well, and towards the end of the night were sitting on the kerbside watching videos on my phone. 

This weekend has been spent chilling.  After the pool being closed since thursday, we were very glad to get in it yesterday afternoon, and again this morning.  Sunday morning seems to be a good time to go.  It is nice and quiet, and no one has set up camp for the day yet.  It was the Le Mans 24 hour race yesterday, so Paul spent most of the day (and night) watching that.  As did Oliver.  We had a barbecue yesterday, which was yummy, and today I have cooked a lovely roast beef, of which there are loads of left overs.

This week is not too busy.  Oliver has basketball camp every morning.  It will be nice for him (and the rest of us) to spent some time with kids his age, and it will be nice to have just Isaac and Seb again.  I think we are off to Greenville tomorrow morning and seeing friends wednesday afternoon.  I want to try and take Isaac and Seb to the zoo one morning, and maybe the children's museum again.  I know he really wants to.  

The other thing I need to do is pack for holiday!  We are off to Florida soon.  The house keys are here, the Disney tickets are booked, just got to wait till payday to book the Seaworld and Legoland tickets.  I am sooooooooo excited.  I hve picked up so many hints and tips like this, and this and this.  I went to all the Dollar stores this week, and Walmart last weekend, and have managed to get all of this lot for the boys 'goodie bags', which they will be decorating one day this week.  Don't think I spent over $50, so heres hoping they don't ask for too many souvenirs.

Goodie bag contents

Look what we were watching today.  Finally managed to get cricket in America

Shame they lost
Will try and post again on thursday before the magic begins

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