Monday, 3 June 2013

End of school

So Oliver has finished school.  Over the last 2 weeks he has brought all his work home with him.  He has done a LOT
Olivers school work
I am so pleased with what he has done.  His hand writing has improved dramatically.  He flies through his homework, and enjoys doing other work books that we have bought for him.  Some of the stuff he is doing is amazing.  He was supposed to find out whose class he is in next year, but he cannot remember.  I am hoping the school will be in touch shortly to let me know.

He is off school for 10 weeks, yes 10 whole weeks.  We have things planned, the in laws are coming, he is doing basketball camp for a week, we are going to Florida, hopefully my dad is coming.  But the rest of the time I have to find things to keep him occupied and amused.

Those who know us, and know Oliver will know he loves playing the computer.  Since moving here he tends to use his computer time to play XBox, always racing games.  He has been through F1 Race Stars, Forza Motor sprot 4 and now Nascar-Inside Lane. We have had set times for about 2 years, otherwise he just wants to play all the time.  He can get quite upset over coming off the computer.  Until now, during holidays, he has generally had an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.  I want to change this as it will be too restrictive over the holidays.

I have a new system that I am going to introduce to them tomorrow.  Please see the photos below for Computer card rules, and Summer holiday rules

Wish me luck.....

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