Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Photo drop

I am feeling a little lazy, I have found a new zumba class, so have been going twice a week.  Yet I am very aware I have not done a post for a while. Think it is everything we have to do to get ready for the UK in like 11 days time.  11 days, eeekkkkkk!!!!

So I am going to put in some photos for the last few days.

Paul got round to blowing the leaves in the garden over thanksgiving weekend.  Seb was a complete contrast to last year.  He was running around with his brothers fighting the leaves with their swords and shields from legoland.  

We went to the zoo that same day.  The boys love feeding the goats leaves.....

I have been in the hairdressers twice in the last week.  I attempted to take Seb to a specialized kids hairdressers, but they were closed.  I bit the bullet and took him to Great Clips, where the rest of the men in this family go.  Seb was awesome, climbed in the bolster in the chair like a pro.  He accepted the cover over him quite well.  The hairdresser got his front first, before he started getting too anstie. My iPhone managed to keep him contented till she had finished.  She was even able to use the clippers.

Paul had a Tesla for an evening.  I have never heard such a quiet car.  It is awesome, and surprisingly spacious.  Here is the touch screen centre console

It is over double the size of my iPad......

Paul had his annual office Christmas decorating competition at work. His pen are defending champions, so it was very important they maintained their crown.  A lot of planning time and effort went into this.  Here is an example of how Paul spends his working days

Needless to say, they defended their crown, and plans are already afoot for the competition next year

We got our Christmas tree on Saturday, so the boys got to choose a new decoration each.  Paul spent Saturday putting the lights outside.  There is a competition in our subdivision this year for best decorated houses.  I am not even sure what the categories are!  But I have been spending a lot of time crafting with the boys.  Isaac and I have made cinnamon smelling tree ornaments, which the boys have painted in preparation for teachers gifts.  We have made copious snow men and Christmas trees, with more to come this week (thanks Pinterest!).

We brought the tree in to the house on Sunday, and spent the morning decorating it, and the rest of the house.  It was nice getting out all the ornaments and decorations from last year, particularly the home made ones.  Sunday was definitely a pajama day, it was horrid.  Today would have been too if the boys didn't have school.  It has been rainy and cold all day.  Good preparation for 11 days time!

Today Seb and I met Paul at the mall for lunch.  Paul got some presents for me, with my guidance.  We had a look in some shops

Seb had great fun in Gap admiring himself.  He was dancing, and talking to him self.  It was very cute.  We have never seen him do something like this.  He was even giving himself kisses.  So cute. I think we need a full length mirror, so he can do this at home.

Busy week this week.  I have a diabetic eye exam, the a diabetic appointment, followed by Isaac's holiday show.  He has been singing Jingle Bell Rock around the house for about 2 weeks.  It is just about starting to send me loopy....

Here are some photos of our festive house to close

Don't forget.....

The Expat Blog writing competition I have entered goes live on the 16th December.  I believe that you have to leave a comment on my piece of writing on their website (must be at least 10 words, and there is a monetary prize for the best comment left!).  Comments can only be posted for 5 days, so I will need as many of you as possible to share my link and get your friends to do the same.  I believe there will also be buttons to like my piece on twitter and Facebook.

I need your help.  As soon as I have the link I will post it here, on Facebook (personal and blog pages) and on twitter.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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