Friday, 20 December 2013

Quick hello

I thought I better do a post before the craziness of the next 2 weeks kicks in…..

This week has pretty much been spent preparing for our journey.  It has been a cycle of washing (to be sure we have enough warm clothes), cleaning (no one likes coming home to a dirty house), and packing.  Progress report:  All washing is done, all beds are clean, only the kitchen to hoover, most of the packing is done bar the boys presents.  All in, I am pretty confident we are ready…

Isaac finished school on tuesday.  He had a party, and took in gifts he had made for his teachers.  These were pretty basic, tree ornaments made out of cinnamon scented salt dough, painted by him, with his name on the back.  A nice keep sake for his teachers.

Wednesday morning we went to Rachel's house.  The boys had a great time playing with the toys, and Layla and Riley.  Sebastian was even introduced to his first slot car set.  To say he loved it is an understatement… once he found it, he spent the rest of the time playing with it.  I was surprised how careful he was with it.  The boys even got donuts, so they were very happy

Wednesday night I was lucky enough to get to go out with my friends.  We went to Bacon Brothers on Pelham Road.  All I can say is yummy.  The food was good, the company was better, and the beer was cheap (2.50 for a pint! won't get that in England…)  A big thanks to Rachel for driving me, hope I didn't gabber too much on the way home!!!

This morning Paul went into work a little late, so I could go to Oliver's end of school service.  They is no photography in Chapel, so I could not get a photo of him doing a cute little dance with his friends to a Jewish song.  The service was lovely.  All the grades, kindergarden to 4th, did an awesome job.  The school presents so many opportunities to the kids and they really step up to the plate.  Oliver had requested a trip to the zoo afterwards.  Oliver never asks to go to the zoo, so off we went. The boys loved it.  It was nice and quiet, and not too cold, though big coats were still needed.  I took loads of photos of all 3 boys together.  They are rarely in the same shot, so this was a rarity….

After, we headed to meet Paul for lunch.  We ended up at Firehouse Subs, despite Oliver's protests, he really enjoyed it.  We even managed to get Isaac to eat most of his grilled cheese sandwich. Any one who reads this blog regularly will know what an accomplishment that is! 

We came home, Seb did not go for a sleep, but I did!  All this prep has made me quite exhausted.  Same with Paul.  but we think we are ready.  Ready for the sitting in the airport for 3 hours (got the boys some mini lego kits, they should be happy), being on a plane for 9 hours (hopefully they will sleep for half of it), landing at 7am UK time (thats 2am our time) then driving the hour and 30 minutes to my dads.

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone!!!!!  I will try and blog while I am away.  I am super excited for christmas in small houses with the people we love, letting the boys be spoilt, and even spoiling them ourselves.  I am looking forward to seeing my friends.  I know it won't be for long, but it will be so lovely to see everyone.  I am even looking forward to a trip round Tesco!  And doing some sale shopping.

This time tomorrow we will be on a plane…..


So the Expat blog competition is still live.  I am currently leading the USA entries!  We are well down on total comments per country, so will probably not win any money.  But the way things stand, I am hopeful I can get a GOLD badge to put atop this blog.  That would look so cool.  A big THANK YOU to those that have commented, shared my link on Facebook and retweeted the link on Twitter. I am exceptionally grateful. Here is the link in case you missed it! There is only  a day left to comment

Did I ever mention how much I love Gold…...

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