Monday, 23 December 2013

Typical British weather

Ok, so we are pretty much over the sleep deprivation

After the falafel the night before, The boys slept till 8.30 on Sunday morning.  Grandad came back about 9.30am, and we made a plan for the day.  By the time we were all ready to go, it was 12.30!  We gave the boys a big snack and headed to meet dad's friend.  

We drove down past Farnham and on to Alice Holt forest.  I had not been there since I was about Oliver's age, and it has changed a lot.  There is a lovely little cafe, if it had not been too cold, we would have chosen to eat there.  Instead we did a short trail which had a few pieces of play equipment.  There was a big wooden house, which the boys had great fun playing in.  Then there was a balancing area, where Oliver managed to donk his head.  We headed back to the main play area, where the boys had fun playing.

We were initially gong to stop at a pub we have been to before, right near Birdworld.  Unfortunately they were busy, and quite unaccomadating.  We decided to drive in to Farnham and head to Pizza Express.  The boys were most disgusted about having to park the car and walk to a restaurant rather than park right out the front.  Pizza Express were very accommodating, and quickly set us up a table, providing a high chair for Seb and a table that was suitable for all 7 of us.

The service was prompt and professional, even from the Northern waiter.  Paul and dad both went with the hottest pizza they could find, I had a delightful pesto and basil pizza.  Not my usual choice.  The boys had 2 pizzas between them, and finished the lot, even Isaac.  Oliver had some Helens, and all the plates were clean.  We haven't done Pizza Express before, but think it is definetley one we will do again.  We had forgotten how pretty Farnham is.  The buildings are so eclectic, and it has a very oldy worldly feel, with out being too busy or over commercialized.

We got back to the house about 5, gave the boys a big snack dinner consisting of donuts, biscuits and crisps (bad mummy), and started the rigmarole of bedtime.  By staggering their bedtimes (Seb had 20 minutes sleep in the car all day), they were all in bed and asleep by 8.30.  I finished off wrapping presents, and we got a fairly early night.

Oliver and Isaac were awake at 7.45 this morning.  Paul got up with them, allowing Seb and I to sleep. We awoke at 10.30!  Very lazy....  But we obviously needed it.  We packed up our stuff, and were on the road for our first mini road trip by 12.30.

First stop.....Tesco Extra at the Meadows, Camberley.  I have been pinning for a trip to Tesco for a while.  Man it was busy... Took us ages to get a parking space.  We had lunch in their cafe.  It was very nice, and pretty reasonable...

I managed to get most of what I wanted, but it was too busy to have a proper look at their clothes.  I did pick up the underwear bits I wanted for the boys, which is awesome.  Seb has his first pack of pants, eeekkkkk....

We drove on to my mums.  The weather is atrocious, with gale force winds and flood warnings across most of southern England.  En route, we drove past a rather large branch hanging from a tree, blocking up the other side of the road.  As we drove past it, we were about 20 meters down the road when it fell, and landed across both lanes of the road.  Scary, if we had been 20 seconds later, it may have landed on us.....Delightful weather.

It was lovely to arrive at my mums, see the old cat.  The boys got straight in playing the iPad, iPod and wii.  Seb had his first experience of the wii, he loved it though Paul had to help a lot...

We even managed to get a kebab delivered.  Saved us having to go out, or anyone cooking.  We have said to the people that we are staying with that we want to spend time with them, so take aways and eating out is how we want to play it..... It was soooooo good.  The boys ate plenty of their nuggets before having a staggered bedtime.  Again, they were all in bed by 9.  Currently sitting here enjoying a beer.

We were planning  on heading out for a walk tomorrow.  Though it is not due to rain, the gale force winds are enough to put anyone off.....  Soft play centre here we come....


You guys are the best!!! Thanks to your comments, I had the most popular blog out of all the expats in America on Expat Blog.  Thank you so much. Ok, I didn't win any money, but my blog is now top of the list of USA blogs on the site.  Hopefully this will give me more traffic to this delightful little hobby.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you continue readin and enjoying this blog xxxx

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  1. Congrats Clare on the award! Wishing you a merry Christmas, and many more adventures on this side of the pond in 2014!!