Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Scratch's first week.

So our elf, Scratch arrived on the 1st  December. 

Luckily for the boys, he came bearing gifts of chocolate advent calenders and new pajamas and a list of instructions.

The boys were not sure how well behaved this elf will be, after their experience of Jingles, Sparkles and Fred last year.  I am going to try and photograph Scratch's antics each evening.  I am sure I will miss some nights!

So the next night.....

Scratch was playing with the Thomas trains

Then, he was having a party with the Lego Hero Factory character the boys had made....

Scratch  spent the night in the fruit bowl.

Last night, Scratch was lazy, and did not move from where the boys left him.  To make up for this, he has left the boys some sewing craft kits, and a book of Christmas stories.  I am sure they will love them

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