Monday, 27 January 2014

Decorating Isaac's bedroom furniture

Isaac and Oliver have had real basic pine bedroom furniture from ikea (Fjellse bed frame) since we moved here.  It is cheap and functional.  Paul sprayed Oliver's table red about a year ago (you can just see it in the picture below), but nothing had been done with Isaac's.

Thanks to Pinterest, I became interested in covering Isaac's bed with contact paper.  I originally sourced some on amazon, but Paul persuaded me to take a trip to Hobby Lobby instead.  I wanted to cover the wood in sticky back contact paper, and pad and cover his head board.

One trip to Hobby Lobby discovered that they do not sell contact paper.  So I decided to get some duck tape and use that instead.  

So the bed started looking like this.....

I began with the end of the bed, and cut off stips of duck tape to cover the edge top and bottom.  The legs were a bit trickier, but not too hard.  I made holes where the screws go.

The legs 

The next day, we started on the head board.  I had purchased 2 large bits of upholstery foam and was going to cut them down.  But they only came to an inch around the edge of the headboard, so we decided not to cut them.  We taped them together

Then attempted to tape them to the headboard.  This didn't work, so we just carried the foam and head board on to the fabric which was laid out on the floor.

I then stapled the edge of the fabric to the head board after wrapping the sides round.  We brought the top of the tfabric over the top of the headboard, lined it up so it was neat, and tacked it into place.  This was more for decorative purposes, but also had a practicable purpose in holding fabric in place.

We tacked both sides, after neatening them up.  I then stapled the bottom of the fabric under the foam at the front, and cut off the excess.

One finished headboard! Ok, the edges are not the neatest, but these are covered up by the rails at the  side.  I then continued on the rest of the wood on the bed, by wrapping it in more duck tape.  Unfortunately I ran out with about 50cm still to wrap, so had to go back to Hobby Lobby.

Here is the completed bed.  I am very pleased with it.  One of the best things is if Isaac doesn't like it, we can just unwrap it and do something else.  You can just about see the tape holding the foam together under the fabric of the head board, d'oh!

Sebastian getting in on the action

Following on with the success of the bed, I decided to do his side table.  Again, this is cheap furniture from ikea.  I wiped it down with a Clorox wipe first, then left it to try.

I decided to do stripes on the top.  First strip of tape I pulled got twisted, so I cut it.  This made for an unusual pattern in the tape, so I decided to continue it.  I decided to leave the sides as wood for contrast, and cos I couldn't be bothered to tape round the edges (lazy Clare!!!)

I am really pleased with the finished project.  Kinda reminds me of something that would have been in my Grans house.

Next up....Oliver's bed….

Here is a list of what we used, with rough costs
2 yards fleece fabric $10
2 foam upholstery blocks $10
Pinking shears $10 
Light weight staple gun $6
Duct tape x3 (1 white, 2 green) $5 each 
Silver color tacks $2 pack of 48 (Only used 10, the rest will be used for something else)

The tools like the shears and staple gun will come in handy for other things, so were an investment.

This took about 4 hours all in, and has inspired me to do other things….. Watch this space!!!

********I promise I will do a catch up blog soon********

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