Sunday, 12 January 2014

*Home school* number and color trays

This is not overly interesting, but it is the first thing I have made for home schooling in a while.

So we went to Costco yesterday and brought a tray full of apples.  Once we got home, I put the empty tray in the 'resources/recyclable' cupboards.

I had nothing better to do today (other than washing, make bread, play with the boys, change the beds, make dinner), so I thought I would use the trays.

Excuse my toes.....

So the first one.  I colored squares of different colors with Sharpie permenant markers (I got a pack of 10 for a bargain price of $2 in Family Dollar recently).  I then added some beads, so Seb can match the colors.  Admittedly, I am missing black, but I will do something about that soon....

The other one, I wrote the numbers 1-11 in the domes, then added the correct amount of pasta shapes.  This can be used for Seb for counting, or expanded for Isaac for addition and subtraction.

The items in the trays are small, so will be good for fine motor skills.  These trays have extended learning potential, as I mentioned, addition/subtraction, and finding different colored things around the house.

That's if the get used......they may just gather dust like a lot of the other things in the learning room!

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