Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Medical hoops

So Sebastian had his 3 year check yesterday.  The doctor is more than happy with him, and he began his course of immunizations of hepatitis ready for school.  He also needs an individual tetanus shot too, so they gave me the number of of Greenville health department.  The doctors give a 3 in one which includes diphtheria and pertussis, which he does not need.  The doc said it would be too expensive for them to do it individually.  

I called the health department this morning, and the lady was adamant he needed the three in one (I had forgotten he had the other 2).  I called our doctor back, and they suggested I called them again.  I did, and explained the situation a little clearer.  They gave me the number of the appointments department.

I called for an appointment, they began taking details.  Then they asked if we are on Medicare.  I said no, we are privatly insured.  Greenville Health Department do not give individual tetanus shots to those with private health insurance, I need to go through a private provider.  

I am currently waiting for my doctor to call me back.


Oliver had his follow up appointment with Dr Cooter this morning.  Although his ear is better, ther is still some inflammation, and some fluid.  He thinks there may be some behind the ear drum.  The next step is a CAT scan on Monday morning (7.40 for an 8am scan, I must be mad), then a follow up to the scan with a different doctor, Dr Alexander.  It is highly likely he is going to end up with tubes fitted in his ear to help the fluid drain, and a chance he may have his adenoids removed.  

I can see us getting very familiar with Greenville Hospital....

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  1. Poor guys! My sympathy to them, and to you for having to deal with it all. The good thing about early am appointments is they are rarely running late first thing in the morning. We had a horrible time getting both boys up to date on their immunizations after returning from France, the initial approach was to just give them all the shots - again, to make sure they've gotten everything. Good luck,