Monday, 5 January 2015

Bryson City - the journey up

Luckily I woke up the day after Boxing Day feeling much better.  We had a quick breakfast and began packing.  Paul took Oliver to basketball practice for 10, and by the time we had to leave to pick him up at 10.45, the car was packed ready to go.  It amazes me how quickly we can pack up for a few days away, it's like we are well practiced or something.....

We got Oliver and got on the road, after a quick stop at the Withers to pick up a camp bed.  Although the cabin slept 6, 2 of those were on a sofa bed in the living area.  We decided to borrow a camp bed, so we could put all three boys in together, and leave the living area for living.  We also wanted to try one out, and see if it was worth investing.

We decided to travel up the scenic route, as we couldn't check in till 4.  About an hour in to the journey, we started looking out for places to eat.  We noted that once we hit the mountains, there was not much of anything, and decided to stop sooner rather than later.

We ended up stopping in Cashiers, Near the border, at a little diner with proper southern food.  It was yummy.  Everyone must have been hunger, as there were no empty plates

After refueling ourselves, we jumped back in the car.  The boys were happy watching DVDs in the back, which gave us the opportunity to look at the beautiful scenery.  We drove through some gorgeous little towns.  The one below is Franklin 

As I said, there was beautiful scenery.  Below is Bridal Veil Falls, a waterfall you can drive under.  So pretty and so unexpected.  Round a corner, and there it is.

More beautiful scenery......

Below is a town called Highlands.  This looked quite touristy, but well worth a visit.  Maybe one day.....

As we got nearer, we started wondering if there were any short cuts.  We came off the main road, and attempted a cut through.  Slight problem: big mountains, dirt tracks, so we about turned.  Not before taking this stunning photo of what I think is the Savannah River.

Eventually we got near the cabin.  Luckily our Satnav agreed with the directions the owner had given, and we soon found ourselves going up a very narrow, windy, dirt track.  Our cabin was right at the end.  And well worth it.

Such an amazing view....

Guess who figured out how to use the timer on their photo button on their phone (clue: it wasn't me)

So we had made it to Over the Edge (the name of the cabin).  Oliver helped Paul unload the car.  We were in Natahala National Forest, which has loads of activities to do in the summer months

The boys had a sandwich dinner, and played some computers.  They were eager to get in the hot tub.  We have Seb the option of the hot tub or bed.  He said bed, crazy boy!!!  Think he just wanted to try out his camp bed.  The other 2 loved the hot tub, and had a great time relaxing in it......

....before getting out and heading to bed, ready for the next day.

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