Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Its not too late....


...... To sponsor me!!!!

All through January, I have not touched any alcohol.  Those who know me, know how difficult this could be for me!!!! I have even been on 2 nights out!!!!  Ok, so I was designated driver, so that made it easier.....

I did this last year.  but this year I am raising money through sponsorship for Cancer Research UK.  Given everything that happened last year with my mum and Gran, this seems like a good way to give back.

So please sponsor me.  I have raised over 50 quid so far, and am so grateful to those who have donated.  My target is 150, so I am over a third of the way there.  There is only 4 days left in january, so please find the time to sponsor me.  Even just a dollar or a quid.  It all counts xxxx

Heres the link


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