Wednesday, 14 January 2015

New year, new.......

Well, not a lot to be honest!

We saw in the New Year at home, as usual.  We let the boys stay up as late as they could.  Sebastian made it till 9, Isaac was just before 10, and Oliver 12.05

Here he is with some sprite to toast in the New Year.  The boys went back to school on the 6th January.  Man, was I glad to get my me time back.  That probably makes me sound selfish, but it keeps me sane.  

This semester the boys are doing after school club.  Oliver is doing remote control car club, and Isaac is doing science club.  Luckily for me, they both fall on the same day.  Daddy should be able to pick them up also, which is a brucey.

Oliver has now begun his games in Basketball.  He is doing ok, spends about a 1/4 of his time on the bench, but at least that way he is learning as he watches.  He has decided he does not want to do baseball this spring.  That is fine by us, he seems to have lost interest in all sports apart from football (soccer).  Both him and Isaac want to do soccer camp this summer, fine. 

January is a dry month in this house.  Both Paul and I over did it over the holiday season, so no alcohol this month.  I did it last year, and found it ok.  This year I am doing it again, and enjoying it even more.  Not sure why, could be cos Paul is doing it with me, or could be because I am trying to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  Check out my Justgiving page here.  Still no sponsors yet, but hopefully someone will by the end of the month!!!!

I have been spending my evenings playing with my sewing machine and iron.  Exciting, I know.  I have made a couple of envelope pillows (tutorial here).  They are awesome.  I used some small pillows we purchased at Ikea as the insides.  These are only $1.49 each, so are very cheap.  Shame the don't deliver, might have to take a trip back there....  I am educating myself with the help of Pinterest, and I can already see my skills improving.  

I am thoroughly enjoying sewing, and crafting generally.  Which brings me to a point about my blog. At the moment, it is a blog about expat life style, but I may start putting more crafting stuff up.  Does any one take issue with this?  Is there anything people would like to see me make?  I have in my head to make a quilt out of the boys old clothing.  I bought a fair few supplies this morning.  I tend to pick up most of my material as remnants.  Jo-ann Fabrics are currently doing 75% off their remnants section.  Needless to say, I went a bit crazy this morning!  I think I am nearly at the stage to begin the quilt.  I also have a few other things in mind.  So watch this space.....

With regards to traveling, we have booked our first vacation of this year.  Spring Break will be at Kure Beach, near Wilmington, NC.  We have a house right on the beach, which we got for a bargain price.  Because of this we are going for a full week.  I am so looking forward to being able to see the sea again.  There is plenty to do in the area if the weather isn't great.  Plus it comes with usage of an indoor pool.  That should tire the chimps out nicely.....

Think that is about all.  Boys are doing good, I am good, Paul is good.  Its Sebastian's birthday on Monday, can't believe he is going to be 4.....

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