Friday, 17 April 2015

Cocktail Friday - The Classic Mojito

Ahh, the classic mojito.  

We love this drink.  I have even got a pitcher which we bought just so I could make jugs of mojitos.   I think I was first introduced to this drink while on holiday in France, probably about 5 years ago.  It is particularly yummy, a good mix of sweet and bitter.

There are many versions of mojitos.  This is what I think is the classic.  No doubt others will disagree!!!

The Classic Mojito

1.5 oz lime juice OR the juice of one lime, which ever is most convenient
teaspoon of brown sugar, we prefer the light stuff.
5-8 mint leaves.  I swear, this drink is the only reason I grow mint, and why I now have 2 plants.
1.5 oz white rum.  Cuban is preferred, but we live in the States, so thats nay on impossible.
soda water / club soda 
lime wedges to garnish ( I had frozen ones)

In the glass, muddle together the mint, lime juice and sugar.  You can use the end of a rolling pin, back of a spoon or a pestle to do this.  You want to crush the leaved slightly, so they release their juice.  Add in ice cubes and lime wedges.  Pour over rum.  Top up with soda water.  You may want to give it an extra stir before consumption.

My mojitos can be a little hit and miss sometimes, but these ratios made for a very good version. No doubt they shall be made again many times in the summer until both mint plants are bare  

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  1. We've already declared it mojito season at our house too. I've found that making a simple syrup really helps pull the drink together (boiling water with the sugar and a handful of mint leaves, then putting it in the fridge after letting it steep and removing the mint). We've got a mason jar of it in the fridge, and other than that the recipes are pretty much the same. I second you on 'until the mint plants are bare'... good things we've got a garden bed full of it! ;)