Monday, 6 April 2015

Boy update

Ok, sorry, this has been a long time coming.  An update on the boys.


Oliver had his operation on the 28th March.  This was to replace the ear bones that were removed last February due to cholesteatoma.  He was called in for 8am, the earliest ever.  He was through to the waiting area by 10am, and under the knife by 10.30.

As I say, the earliest ever.  We had Seb home that day, so Seb and I went home for lunch while Paul waited.  I took Seb back to the hospital after lunch, and Paul took him to get Isaac.  I was called through to recovery just after, so about 3pm.  The doctor was more than pleased that there was no more cholesteatoma.  He was able to put this titanium prosthetics in to replace the bones, and finish up some other things.  Oliver came round fairly quickly, and we refrained from giving him too much morphine.  We had the same nursing staff as last february, they remembered us!  This was one of the smoothest operations.  Hopefully it will be the last.  We were home by 4.30, the earliest ever.

Oliver is recovering well.  He has antibiotics, which will stop today.  He has been in some pain, so has been taking some strong pain medicine.  Since we started the ear drops to dissolve the packing around the new 'bones' he has been complaining of more pain.

It could be the drops making everything move a bit.  Or it could be the fact he is returning to school tomorrow, after his follow up appointment first thing.  He is not to do any physical activity or recess at school.  He is not to run around, jump around, or anything like that for 2 months.  2 MONTHS.  Very hard for a 8 year old.  We were going to do him a birthday party at the end of next month at a local trampoline place.  We will have to see what the doctor says......


Ok so those who follow the blog will know that we have had some issues with Isaacs behavior at school.  It got so bad before spring break, that Isaacs teacher requested a meeting with us.  This took place in the second week in March. Isaac general behaviour was discussed, and it was agreed by all that he is a lovely boy who needs help managing his emotions.  We agreed to some form of parent coaching/training/therapy.  I asked for Isaac to be assessed for any learning difficulties there maybe, as I had noticed some things in his reading.  I also told school that I had given Isaac an incentive that if he behaved at school that week I would take everyone out for donuts.

Here he is eating that donut.

School assessed his learning, and everything seemed fine.  In conversation in the meeting and between the teacher and the learning assessor person, it was though that Isaac may have some sensory issues.  He chews a LOT, he does not like crowded places, loud noises or new things.  I have strategies to deal with these things at home, but school do not.  One of the coaching/training/therapy people they recommended was an occupational therapist (OT), and after Isaacs assessment, his teacher was very keen that we get in touch with this OT.  To be honest, we had no idea who we would use, and how we would even make that decision.  Its hard to be told your son most likely needs therapy.  Any whoo, long and short of it, Isaac has an assessment at the OT's office later this month.  This gent actually goes into school, so would be able to assist both Isaac and his teacher in finding ways to deal with his issues.

His behavior has been exemplary since spring break.......


Ah the monster.......

He has been assessed again for his speech, this time by a company his school uses.  They say he does not make his early sounds, the 'm', 'p' and 'b' sounds.  These need to be sorted first. He does not move his lips when he talks, and makes his sounds from the back of his throat. I am awaiting a call back from them to arrange speech therapy sessions.  They will do them in school time though, which is much better for all concerned.  he is a chatter box, full of life.  He thinks he is a monster truck, and our sofa is the course.  His most clear words are 'I want'.  His speech is so much clearer than it has been ever.  He is coming along nicely, but is a little behind on most things.

In the summer I shall be taking him to the doctors to find out how I go about getting him assessed for developmental delays.  I think this will make the transition into English education easier when we return home next year.  If we were in the UK, Seb should be starting school this September. 

So there you have it.  That is the boys, pretty much.  They are hard work, but can be very rewarding.  They are growing into these little people, I have no idea how they are going to turn out, but I hope they are going to be good......

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