Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Oliver's Op - Part 1

The day dawned lovely and warm.  I packed the younger two off to school.

Typically, Isaac refused to get out of the car.  He had to be physically carried out of the car.  Sebastian went in like a star , and only started crying once I left the room.  I popped to the supermarket to pick up some bits.  

We left for the hospital at 10.15, as he had to be here for 10.45.  We were checked in quickly downstairs. We headed up to the day surgery waiting area.  Again, we were called in quickly.  A nurse took Oliver's vitals, and gave him a gown.  

At this point, I had to leave Oliver and paul while I went to get the other 2 from school.  

The other 2 were fine in school.  Seb had a few tears, but no way as bad as Monday.  Isaac had a good day, learnt a new lesson and generally did good, despite the rocky start.

I had been texting with paul throughout the afternoon.  Dr Alexander was running an hour and 45 minutes late on his surgery list, so Oliver didn't go in till 1.30.  He hadn't eaten since 8.15 the previous night.

We had already arranged that I would come up mid way through the op and swap. I got to the hospital at 3.30.  We had a quick chat, and he took the boys back home.  At least we have shared the time at hospital fairly equally.....

It is now 6.45pm, and he is still not out of surgery.  I am currently sitting in a room in the recovery area watching HGTV.  They gave me a status update.  They have just finished on the bad ear, so just yet adenoids to remove and the other ear to check.....

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