Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Snow again

So it snowed a lot last week.  It began on the Tuesday morning.  The boys were already declared off school, yet Seb was still in.  I kept him off though, it was coming down pretty hard.  It eventually stopped about 4 pm.  We had a good covering in the garden, though it wasn't sticking to the road.  Paul was home by then, and despite a good snow ball fight, there was still plenty to make a snow man.

Wednesday they declared a state of emergency, with a civil notice put out, warning those in South Carolina not to travel unless absolutely necessary. It did continue snowing through most of Wednesday and Thursday, and everyone was off school and work.  It was entertaining seeing the traffic reports on local news as there was just no traffic on the roads.  Due to the ice risk over night on the Thursday, Paul's work was delayed on the Friday, and the kids were off again.  Luckily the temperature began to climb and melted a lot of the snow on Friday. 

The earth moved on Valentines Day..... There was an earthquake in Edgefield, SC, measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale.  We didn't feel it, or the after shocks.....

After being cooped up for 4 days, we had to get the boys out at the weekend.  We headed in to Greenvillefor some lunch.  We choose Carolina Ale House, as it is usually ok.  But the place has been going down hill.  The hostess didn't acknowledge us when we asked for a table, just started gathering menus,  all we need is a 'yeah sure' (a bug bear of Paul's, it has happened a lot recently....).  The food was mundane, service ok, but not great.  Don't think we will be back for a while.  At least we got to go for a nice walk around Falls Park afterwards.... The kids were fairly well behaved....

Yesterday was Presidents' Day, and Oliver and Isaac were supposed to be off. Sebs school is actually daycare, so it takes a major holiday (like Christmas or thanksgiving) for him to be off.  Friday night I received an email from Oliver school, saying they had decided to start making up the snow days by using Presidents' Day, and the half day before Good Friday would now be a full day.  Hurrah for common sense!  We dropped Oliver at school and headed to Sebs school.  As soon as we got out of the car, he started whimpering....he whimpered all the way to his classroom, where I said good bye.....then whimpered for the next 3 hours!  Bless. His teachers are doing a really good job.  I get a report each day, with photos and generic spiel as to what the class have been up to in the day.  It is very nice.

While Seb was in school, it was mummy and Isaac time, so we got some donuts

And headed home.  All Isaac wanted to do was play computer.  So I let him, but we did watch some of Finding Nemo together before going to get Seb.  Yesterday afternoon was spent at Anna's house, with Rachel, raiding her DVD collection.  Thank you ladies for a lovely afternoon.  Oliver came home from school with his valentines goodies.  I swear he was the only child in his class who did not give candy/stickers/tattoos stuck to his card.  His valentines is very commercialized.  They are certainly breeding the next generation of Hallmark shoppers.  They will be the people who feel the need to spend a stupid amount of money they don't have on gifts.  At least Isaac's school requests no gifts/candy.... His party is Thursday..

All 3 headed out the door to school today, hurrah!  The older 2 were all dropped off fine.  Sebastian waited till he got to the door of his classroom to burst into tears.  but he went in, and went off with the teacher and played.  When I came to pick him up, the rest of his class were lining up in pairs to go to the gym, and he was sitting there ever so nicely on the floor.  He was very happy to see me.  His teacher said he had a much better day.  He used the computer and did some art. Everyday I get a generic report of what his class have been up to, but it is personalized with photos of what Sebastian has done.  

I think he is going to settle really well.  Isaac had a bit of a bumpy day, but I think we may be in for a bumpy time over the next few weeks with him anyway, given what is happening tomorrow….

So tomorrow is Oliver's operation.  Bless his teacher, he came out today laden down with books and worksheets of things he will miss in the next 1-2 weeks.  He has already started some of it.  I think I will go through it with him tomorrow and work out some sort of a timetable… He has to be at the hospital for 10.45am.  This is a little later than we had hoped, but what can you do?  He will be in surgery at least 2 hours, probably more.  Then at least an hour in recovery room.  I am expecting him to be home around 4, and he will probably be going straight to bed.  I have found a good site for anyone interested in what Oliver is going through tomorrow….

Will post photos tomorrow…..

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