Monday, 24 February 2014

Not much to report

As the title suggests, there is not much going on here....

Oliver's ear is healing.  He is not in as much pain.  He cannot be persuaded to sleep in the day, consequently he is sleeping till gone 7 every morning.  A bit of a brucey seeing as we don't need to leave the house till 8.10.  He is supposed to be going back to school on Thursday, but I am going to keep him off for the week.  I am concerned as he still has  wading behind his ear, and I don't want I to be knocked.  Plus he can't move his neck completely yet.  Oh, and it's his spring break next week, so they won't be doing much work anyway....  By the end of next week I may be ready to kill him but we will have a better idea how his ear is healing as his follow up appointment is next Tuesday.  

I managed to escape out of the house on Friday night to attend my first ever Zumba masterclass.  It was awesome.  It was hosted by a Zumba education specialist called Loretta Bates.  There must have been about 200 people, I reckon about 80% were instructors and most had trained under Loretta.  It was high tempo, fast paced, with lots of new routines.  It was really good, and I hope to be able to attend another soon.  Thanks Daniella for sorting out my ticket!

Photo of myself with Loretta.  This was a before shot, you would not want to see an after.....

Other than that it was a quite weekend, obviously, to help Oliver heal.  Paul is working on a project for the boys, but more of that in a few posts time.  

Isaac and Seb were at school today, both went in ok.  Seb cried after we left, but not for long.  His teachers sent me a few photos

When I picked him up, they said he had been fine, apart from when they tidied up to go out side.  The boy does not like change....  I also had a call from his speech therapy to say the insurance company had turned down our request, so would not be paying for it.  Just one of those things, I think he will talk in his own time any way.  Just wait till they get Oliver's bill (thank goodness for pre-approval!)

I have Isaac's conference tomorrow, so we will see what his teacher has to say.  Luckily I have Anna coming round to keep an eye on Oliver and Seb for me.

Lets see how the rest of the week goes….

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