Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My birthday shenanigans


So we are on another winter weather watch, tomorrow morning till Thursday.  Anything between 1-8 inches of snow, depending where you read it.  I think school will be on tomorrow, but possibly not Wednesday.  There is a big fear of cold weather here, a bit weird, coming from the UK....

It was my birthday last Wednesday.  I started the day opening my presents which consisted of beer, chocolates, work out tops and more Pandora charms.  Isaac was off last week, so we went to Gravatopia to meet up with some friends.  This place is awesome, loads of trampolines, and pits full of foam you can jump into.  Here is a photo of Isaac about to jump in to the big pit. 

 It took him a while to work up the courage, and would only do it holding my hand.  Gravatopia is reasonably priced, they do a session 9-10am where kids are usual price, and adults jump for free.  This  is a place I am sure we will be back to.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing and letting the boys play too much computers......  I cooked a lovely meal for Paul and I, and enjoyed my first beer in a month (followed by a few more)

Thursday I went to Rachel's.  It was nice for Isaac to get the chance to lay with Riley.  They get on so well.  Anna was also there.  All these guys were just getting over sickness bugs....

Friday we took Isaac to get his haircut.  Seb was supposed to get his done too, but he point blank refused, and I was not going to force the issue.  I was supposed to be going to the Free Zumba and the Kroc centre in Greenville in the evening, but got a last minute text from Anna asking if I wanted to go to the cinema instead, as a late birthday treat.

So off we trundled, Anna, myself, Rachel and Clare.  We saw American Hustle.  An alright film.  I won't be going out of my way to see it again though.... As this was not a stupidly long film like the one previously, we decided to go for a few drinks after.  We ended up at Sherby's in Simpsonville.  This was the first time any of us have experienced the bar scene here, and I think we all rather enjoyed it, given the time we got home.... Thanks ladies for an excellent night out.  Looking forward to the next one.

Saturday I got to go shopping on my own, which was lovely.  I visited Old Navy, and could have spent so much more than I did.  I also visited Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW), and finally found some boots!  Unfortunately they didn't have my size and tried to order them for me, but alas their stockings did not have my size.  The manager did however manage to put some life into my old boots with a special lanolin cream.  They look almost like new now...  I did invest in some decent Clakes flip flops for the summer.  I then checked out TJ Maxx next door, and was so not impressed.... I took a quick trip into the mall and spent my gift card for American Eagle.

Saturday night we were lucky enough to go out.  Thank you to Anna for babysitting.  We headed into Greenville, and after trying to get into nearly every decent restaurant on Main Street, we ended up at Roost.  It was pretty good (I hope to blog about it soon).  It was a good night, but Greenville was very busy.

It has been a long time since I have been out on a Friday and Saturday night.  Thanks to my friends for taking me out, and babysitting, and thanks to my lovely husband for taking me out!

Sunday, Oliver had a birthday party at Sky Zone.  This is a lot like Gravatopia, but on a grander scale for bigger kids. This was the first birthday party Oliver has been invited to this year, and he even let me leave him this time!  I think he had a good time, and this could be a good place for him to have a birthday party.....

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  1. Happy birthday!
    So I think it isn't so much fear of cold weather, it is fear of the in-between. Snow melting and then refreezing, sleet, ice freezing overnight... Not many drivers here have much experience driving in the snow, but no one can drive on ice. Add in that this only happens once/twice a year, so they don't have the equipment to handle it, or the brains to know when to stay off the roads. Luckily we don't have the traffic of Atlanta, or these storms would be a whole lot worse! Enjoy your snow days this week :)