Friday, 8 May 2015

Cocktail Friday - TVR

I finally bought a new spirit/liquor.  Tequila, it makes you happy?

I had lots of interesting, vomit inducing experiences on tequila when i was younger.  To the point I often avoid it.  But this was at Costco, and hey, it was cheap!

If you spent the best part of your young alcohol drinking years growing up in the UK, you will probably have heard of this cocktail.  It was served in many bar, pubs, clubs etc when i was a young-un.  And it wasn't cheap......

The TVR, tequila, vodka and red bull. 


I pretty much just wrote them above....
equal parts tequila and vodka.
1 can of red bull between 2 drinks

Put liquor over ice into glasses.  Add red bull.  Ta-da

Refreshing, yet potent, if you want an early night, this is not for you.  Simple, almost makes me want another.....

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