Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Weekends recently

A brief update on how we have spent the last couple of weekends.  

We went to Musgrove Mill a couple of weekends ago. After a wet Saturday, the Sunday was lovely.  They had a living history weekend on with reenactments and demonstrations.  We got there in time to see the end of the musket firing (cue boys with hands over ears).  There was also people dressed up in period dress.  The man running the tea station was very pleasant, and we all tried hibiscus tea (yummy) and pine needle tea.  Yes, pine needle tea....

A revolutionary battle was fought here in the August of 1780, where the outnumbered patriot militia outlasted the loyalist (source).  We chose to walk the British Camp trail, where there were information boards along the route.

The route took us along the banks of the Enoree River, and there is a waterfall nearby, but we chose not to go there.

The kids enjoyed it, but Oliver moaned the whole way round. Something about nearly 9 year olds.... When they get their heads set on something (Kindle time) its all they can think off.  Because of the event going on, we had to pay to get into Musgrove Mill Historic State site, but it was only $6 for all of us.  Usually it is free.  Worth a day trip if you are in the area. 

Last Friday I went on a girls night.  We went to the Blind Horse Saloon in Greenville.  This is a local country music club / line dancing place.  We got there for 8.15, and were the second group in.  Note to self: get there later in the future.  None of us had been out for ages, so it was nice to get out.  The drinks were cheap, the music was country.  

Liz enjoying the cheap beverages

Once it got later, there was a great atmosphere.  A few of us tried out hand (or feet!) at the dancing.  It was good, but tricky.  They open on a wednesday night, and give lessons to those who would like them.  Think we are already planning a wednesday night trip soon....

The next day we headed to Marietta, about 15 miles north of Greenville.  I had heard through Facebook of a local strawberry festival.  We found it fairly easily.  It was pretty well organized, with tickets needed to purchase food / strawberries.

Both Isaac an Seb had a go on the bouncy castle.  Oliver is still not allowed to jump because of his ear, and he was very understanding about this.

We had a good American lunch of hotdogs, nachos and potato chips, followed by ice cream and funnel cake.  It was out first funnel cake, and man, it was GOOD......  We purchased some strawberries while the boys were entertained by the magician.  The festival was very well run, and definitely something I would recommend.

That evening was our first BBQ of the season.  Paul gave it a good clean, and the grilling was off.  We had purchased some ground bison at Costco a few weeks ago, and used this to make out own burgers.  They were  beyond yummy.  The boys had their typical fries and burger buns, but everyone enjoyed it.  I look forward to many more. 

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