Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mothers Day at Table Rock State Park

I got a lie in on Mothers Day, wooohoooo!!!!! Admittedly, Paul does give me lie ins often.  Oliver had made his card the night before, and Isaac had his made before Paul was even up.  He did all his own spelling and everything......

I had already decided what I wanted to do, so we headed up about an hour north of Greenville to Table Rock State Park.

The views were beautiful.  The rocks face you can see in the picture above is part of the Appalachians.  We had packed a picnic lunch, so headed to one of the picnic areas.  We were not the only ones who thought this was a good way to spend Mothers Day.  There was only one table free, and the family sitting on the table next to it were Paul's colleague from work.  Great minds think alike!!!

After lunch, we headed over to the nature centre, and began a trail.  We chose to do the Carrick Creek Nature Trail, as it was the shortest! Pretty much all the trails start from the nature centre, following the same route to begin, past a couple of small waterfalls, and pools that kids can splash in (see here for a map of the trails)

It was a warm day, and there were many hikers and people out and about.  We didn't realize it at the time, but the trail we chose was 2 miles long.  We were fortunate that we passed by many streams, as this helped keep the temperature down.

The water was so lovely and clear, that regularly the kids would stop and splash their faces to help them keep cool.  They all did really well.  Seb had to take a couple of rides on Paul's shoulders, but the other 2 did good, and didn't moan too much either! it was so lovely and peaceful.  We even saw 2 snakes while on the trail!

After navigating the 2 miles, we returned to the pools by the nature center.  We had promised the boys they could go for a splash, so off they went.

There was a bit of a commotion in the corner of the pool, typically the boys had to investigate.  There is a small snake by the end of the stick in the photo below.  Not sure what type, but when we asked the ladies in the Nature Centre, and described it, they said it was a fake water moccasin.

Anywhoo, as with most of nature, you leave it alone, it won't bother you.  So the boys got back to cooling off in the pool. All of them made their way under the waterfall, guided expertly by Oliver.  Paul had to go in to keep hold of Seb, otherwise that boy would have been swimming.

They all had a great time!  Splashing in the pools really made the hike worthwhile for the boys, and I got what I wanted for Mothers Day.  A win-win all round.

Table Rock State Park is open year round.  For more information, visit the website here

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