Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Extended time in Kiawah Island

Ok, so I am not going to bore you with a day to day running of what we did in our extra time at Kiawah.  To be honest, I can't remember exactly now anyway!  The day we extended, we went to reception to extend our passes etc.  We then headed off the island to a nearby (15 miles!) Walmart to pick up necessities.  This was the only time we left the island in our whole 8 days there!!!

Most days were filled with a combination of beach and/or pool, in no particular order.  We had a couple of mornings when it rained.  Then the kids pool was cold in the afternoon! 

Oliver loved the slides, and was happy to go off on his own to do them.  Oh the joys of having an independent 9 year old! 

Sebastian discovered he could go under water and basically run up the wall doing a 'back flip' like a monster jam truck would.  Thats his leg sticking up......

We saw this lovely little snake on the way back from the pool one day.  Right by the pool is a nature centre with all sorts of local creatures in.  Well worth a visit.

Still loving the water.  In fact, when he goes swimming now, he insists on his googles, as he spends most of his time with his head under the water.....

Our villa had a little 'wet bar' area.  luckily we brought cocktail stuff with us.  We didn't take much of it home....

We all enjoyed being on the screened porch, here are the boys having breakfast.  

We spotted the alligator one day.  We think he may have been resident to our particular lagoon.  Paul when out to take some pictures, and the alligator swam right up to him.

We went for a very late lunch at Cherrywood BBQ and Alehouse in the Osprey Golf Courses' clubhouse.  My word it was yummy.  Probably the most expensive BBQ we will ever have but well worth it.  We went about 3 in the afternoon, so it would be quiet. As it was, they had a lovely shaded terrace where we were able to eat, as it was not too hot.  Delicious.  We took a little walk around the outside of the clubhouse.  Beautiful.  This was the only one of five golf courses that we ventured on to.  

In our little trip to Walmart, we invested in some boogey boards.  Best investment ever.  We got 2, for the 3 of them to share, and they were good about it too.  They all loved the surf.

The beach was amazing, and the surf was perfect for our boys.  

even Isaac enjoyed it.

Even after 8 days we did not want to leave.  We managed to pack up early enough on the saturday morning.  Without a shadow of a doubt, we would go back to Kiawah Island again.  I cannot recommend it enough.  it is beautiful.  Martha's villa was amazing, and perfectly positioned for us.  It was so peaceful, even with 3 noisy boys.  

We arrived home mid afternoon on the saturday.  Sebastian sat in the car for half hour crying, as he did not want to be home......

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