Thursday, 4 October 2012

2 days in 1.....

Yesterday, Seb woke us all at 5.30, so we were able to go down for breakfast together before Paul had to go to his meeting.  I took the boys back to the room where they watched Disney channel and played iPods for most of the morning.  Paul was late getting back as he couldnt find the car place, but he arrived back with my new car.  It is lovely. Will post photos when I get access to a proper computer.

We headed to Best Buy, where paul placed his order for the telly, and Oliver played Star Wars on the kinect.  From there we went on to World Market where we picked up the table and got some other bits to the house.  I drove the Flex, fully loaded with the table, while Paul took the BMW fully loaded with boys.  We headed to the house where paul continued making beds and then the table.  Again it is beautiful.  A little different, but very nice (pictures to follow).  By now it was quite late, so we took the boys for a McDonald's for dinner. We still had to do Walmart, so off we plodded.  Took 2 trolleys, and filled them with stuff for the house.  By the time we got through the check out it was 9.10pm, so we headed back to the hotel, knowing we had to be up at 6am the next morning.

Seb made sure we were up in time.  He awoke at 5.50 this morning.  Such a kind boy....  We got the boys up and were on the road to the house at 6.35am.  We got there by 6.55am, and let the cat out.  We decided to bring her with us, as we are hoping to be in by Friday.  She seems quite happy.  Hope she realises she won't be going anywhere for a while.   We all sat down to breakfast, round our lovely big table.  Finished breakfast and the boys got down to playing, which was lovely.  They were on iPods by 9am though!  Our airfreight turned up at 10.20am, seb by now was getting very tired, so I put him up for a sleep.  Paul took it upon himself to head to ikea in the Flex, in the hope of getting everything we needed in. So that left me with the boys.  They were playing nicely, so I got on with unpacking boxes.  I got 6 out of 8 boxes done before lunch. Luckily for me Seb slept till 1.30,  after that we played a bit, and waited for more deliveries.  The washer and dryer arrived at 3.15, the delivery guys set it up and put it on a test wash.  The sofa arrived at 4.30, it is lush.... Again photos to finish.

In the meantime, paul was having a mare at ikea.  He had got everything we needed and more, but could not get the mattress in the car.  He enquirer about delivery, to be told next Wednesday for $160!  He decided to strap it to the top of the car.  After driving about 3 miles, he called me to tell me it could not be done, it was taking off.....  He managed, with some brute force to fold the mattress is half and get it in the back of the car.  He arrived home, very worn out and sweaty at about 6pm.  We had a quick cup of tea ( that will be Yorkshire Gold tea, purchased from World Market), unloaded all the boxes from the car, and left the house to get some dinner and head back to the hotel.  We have left the cat there, hope she is ok and is not destroying our sofa.    We stopped at Taco Bell on the way home, yummy!!! Think we will be back there again.  All the boys are knackered, the joys of early morning wake ups.

Tomorrow we have to go to the visa office in Greer.  It would appear that when we crossed the border, Sebastian and isaac's passports got stamped with a valid till January 2012 stamp instead of a January 2014 (when Paul's passport expires) stamp.  Then we are off to buy a Mac, paul is very excited about this.  Then off to get a Hoover, yay, and some storage units.  Now we are spending more time at the house, we are able to see what we need.  We will head to the house for lunch, paul is really looking forward to his afternoon of putting together furniture....

Will try and update tomorrow, if anything interesting happens.  We are hoping to be at the house on friday night,and do not have internet till Saturday at the earliest.

Oh, and I even managed to do some reading for my exam today.....

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