Thursday, 25 October 2012

Playing out and checking out....

Hi all

It has been a pretty normal week for us.  Boys in school, Seb and I in the morning.  Tuesday we went to another meetup at Legacy Park.  This was with international mums, met some really nice people.  The weather at the moment is very warm, it was 26 degrees yesterday, can't believe it is going to be November next week.  It is supposed to start getting colder after the weekend, but only down to about 18 degrees.

The boys were called on yesterday afternoon by the local kids, Titi (think thats how you spell it!!!)  and Matthew (from next door), so they went out and played for half hour or so till Matthew had to go to Tai-Kwon-do.  Think they enjoyed themselves, it was nice for them to get the opportunity.

I went for an open morning at Oliver's school this morning.  It would appear everyone loves Oliver.  I was talking with one of the admissions assistants, whose daughter also goes to the school.  Her class are book buddies with Oliver's class.  The just love his accent, particularly the girls.....  His classmates are all really nice, very outgoing.  We arrived at snack time, and they were all chatting to me and Sebastian.    Got to meet Oliver's new friends, Carson and William, and his teacher says he is doing really well.  Had a look at his school work books, they are fabulous.  Also had his mid-semester report card yesterday, was very generic.  Detailed what the class have done so far, and what they will be doing for the rest of the term.  No grades or anything like that yet.  This afternoon, Isaac, seb and myself are going to our South African neighbor's next door, so the boys can play, and i can drink coffee.

Our tenancy is up on Timberleys, had our check out yesterday.  Not good.  As the cleaner had been in a month ago, the place was dusty and grubby.  We had asked someone to go in and clear our house.  He cleared thing he shouldn't have, and left stuff that was meant to be cleared.  We were pretty pi##ed off yesterday, but have calmed down a bit now.  Its just one of those things.  We are going to get charged for various bits and pieces, and for another cleaner to go in..... We hope to at least get some of our deposit back.

I did say I was going to talk about shops....  Think I will save that for tonight.....  Supposed to be going to Zumba, but I am not sure I can be bothered......

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