Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Manic monday

The day started with Seb sleeping till 6.30am, huuuurrrrrraaaahhhhhh.  Oli woke about 7, and we had to wake Isaac about 8, because as usual we had loads to do.  We went down to breakfast, got back to the room.  Paul loaded the car with all the crib bits, and we set out.

We stopped at Walmart on the way.  This was our first experience of a Walmart, and paul needed some tools, and we needed some bits for the house.  My god the place was massive.  Puts the French hypermarkets to shame.  I reckon you could get 4 Littlehampton Tescos into the building.  We picked up the bits we needed, we could have got a lot more, but we were in a hurry as we had to meet our realtor at the house at 10.30.  We tried to drive there without using the satnav.  We almost did it....

Arrived at the house about 10.20.  Davrie the realtor turned up, we had a good chat, she gave us loads more info and paperwork and set off on her way.  Paul went about making Seb's cot and one of the boys beds, while I loaded the dishwasher with loads of the stuff we got in Ikea.  We had our first meal in the house, lunch, sandwiches and crackers with fruit and crisps.  Time was tight, as paul had to be at work for 1pm, and had realised he had left loads of paperwork stuff at the hotel, including the details we needed to pay his cheque in at the bank.  So we set of for BMW

I dropped paul of then headed back towards Greenvile.  On the way paul text to tell me he had the door key for the house.  I was heading to Target, a big store in the hope of picking up some more bits for the house.  I got there, and realised I had forgotten the hotel keys.  So I couldn't get in to the hotel or the house.  Just as I was getting the boys out of the car, paul texted me asking him to call.  Called him back he needed picking up.  Turns out there had been a calendar malfunction.  While he thought the appointment with HR was 1pm, it was 1pm UK time, and 8am USA time, so he had missed it by 5 hours.  He was able to reschedule most for tomorrow, and some for the 1st November, so it wasn't all bad.  Plus he got his cheque.  We headed back to the house to pick up the bank details, and I drove is to the bank.

Grace at Bank of America was her usual charming self, paul was able to deposit the cheque and get a temporary bank card.  I in the meantime had waited outside in the car.  Seb was asleep and the other 2 were on iPods.  It was lovely and quiet, and I fell asleep.  Paul had to wake me as I had to go in to sign for my bank card.  Unfortunately we have to wait for tomorrow for the funds to be clear.

Nevertheless, we headed to Rooms to Go to check out the sofa we had seen in August.  We ended up buying it and an ottoman for a very cheap price.  The boys were an absolute nightmare, they really don't dig furniture shopping....  We have managed to get delivery arranged for Wednesday, only downside of this is it will be anytime between 7am and 10pm.....feeling buoyed we headed to Target, in the thought of getting some electrical goods.  Half way round, we decided to put this off  till at least tomorrow when we have more idea what else we need/want.  We then headed to World Market in The hope of ordering the table we had seen on Saturday.  Paul went in on his own (the boys had had more than enough of shopping by now), and came out to say they had everything we needed in stock!  We can pick it up tomorrow morning!!

We went to J Peters, 50 metres from our hotel for dinner.  Yummy 14oz rib eye steak for me and paul, and the boys pretty much finished their chicken tenders.  We came back to the hotel, and the boys had a relatively normal bedtime.  Paul has been doing paperwork bits ready for tomorrow, an I have been sorting the suitcases for things we can take to the house.  Think we have 2 big ones and 1 little, all ready to go.

Tomorrow paul is headin to work for 8.30 in the morning.  I am going to take my time with the boys, take them to breakfast and let them doss around the hotel for a bit till paul comes home.  We are supposed to be getting our first car tomorrow, so hopefully that will be available in the morning.  Would be easier to transport the dining room table using 2 cars.  We are also hoping to order the tv, and possibly get the mac, blue ray player and other wonderful electrical goods.....  We also have to make a big order to ikea for delivery.  We are going to get our bed and all the bits for the office on there.  We would never get everything we want in the car!!  Think we are planning on spending most of the afternoon at the house, making the furniture, and trying to settle in a bit more. As I said earlier at least one of us has to be there all day Wednesday. Not only is our sofa coming, but our airfreight is arriving!

Forgot to mention, they have found me somewhere local to do my exam on 16th October! I am calling the exams office tomorrow, just to be sure, as I thought I had a deferral....think that's an exam I am going to fail.....

Will try and update tomorrow, am pretty knackered tonight, and I might have an exam to revise for.....

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