Monday, 1 October 2012

Saturday shenanigans

Being awoken at 3.50am after a day of travelling is not nice, but Seb thought it was a good idea.  He was shouting constantly and nothing would settle him.  We tried bringing him in with us, but by 4.15am, his brothers were up and raring to go.  By now paul and I were both awake, with so much going through our minds.  We put the tv on for the boys at 5am.  We tried to doze back to sleep but it was impossible.  I got up at 6am, had a shower, unpacked some clothes for the boys.  We put them in the bath about 7am, and headed town for breakfast at 7.30, the earliest we could....

We had to take our Charlotte hire car back to Thrifty in Grenville to change it (condition of the relocation company) This was done in the rain, as it rained most of the morning. From here we drove to Haywood Mall.  I wants to see if they stocked Oliver's uniform in Sears, they didn't.  Had a little nose in the Apple shop, Paul bought some new trainers, his first pair of Nikes in years.  From here we drove the short drive to Toys r Us.  I wanted to look for a cot for Seb.  They didn't have much of a display.  The boys by now had turned into monsters, so all they got was a Lego mini figure each.  We did see some good storage units though, which I think we will be going back for at some point.

On the recommendation of  one of Paul's colleagues who has recently moved out here, we went to Jeff Lynch, another big furniture store.  Here we saw some nice sofas and a very nice dining room table.  Again the boys were a nightmare, so we didn't stay long.  None of them had had a sleep yet, it was nearly half 12 so we decided to take them to McDonald's.  Normally fine, but boys were too tired and being really silly, emotional and generally overtired.  We left a lot of food and headed back to the hotel.  We put Seb down for a sleep as soon as we got there.  The boys sat down and watched about an hour of Lego cartoons(so cool, they have ninjago ones, and Lego star wars ones, the boys love them).  Paul had a sleep on the sofa, and I went back to bed.  We both awoke feeling more refreshed, and we made a plan on what to do once Seb woke up.

Seb awoke, we gave them snacks and headed to buybuybaby.  We bought a cot for Seb, which changes to a toddler bed, then a 'full' bed (our equivalent is a double).  Also picked up a mattress and a booster high chair seat.  Finally, after mulling around all day we had made a big purchase.  It was quite a relief.  We then went and looked around World Market, which is a furniture/nicknak shop.  It is great!!! We found loads of decoration and odds and sods which will look great in the house.  We didn't buy anything, but fund yet another dining room table, which was much cheaper, and more rustic.  We spoke to a supervisor who said they didn't have any in stock, but we could order it to arrive in 1-2 weeks.  We said we would be back.

From there we drove the very short distance to Best Buy to check out their TVs.  They don't have the particular tv that paul wants in stock, but they can order it for the weekend.  Won't be cheap though.  Oliver got to have a go on star wars on the Xbox kinect.  He absolutely loved it!!!!  I think we are going to be in there on Monday afternoon to order the tv, blue ray player, Xbox and mac.....  That will be an expensive trip, but well worth it.  I wanted to check out the Sears outlet, but they only tended to stock the bigger white goods, stuff we don't need.

We went for dinner ad TGI Fridays.  It was busier than usual, but the food was as good as ever.  Plus their Stella tastes as good as at home.  Isaac was really struggling by now, so we headed home, and all boys were in bed by 7.30pm.  We sat up and discussed out plans for the next day, but were still in bed by 11pm, praying the boys would not get up too early the next morning....

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