Friday, 12 October 2012

First week down (nearly.....)

Ok, so we have been in the house nearly a week, and loving it. Seems strange, but good to have so much space. Wish we had brought more toys from the UK, but space was limited. We will get round to buying them more, especially as we have birthdays and Christmas coming up.

Monday the boys and I spent the day around the house. We went to target to get some more stuff, I can't even remember what we bought!

Tuesday we had to take Isaac into preschool to meet his teacher, Miss Melissa. He was supposed to spent half an hour being assessed. It took 15 minutes.... She tested him on his numbers, colours and shapes, all of which he knows really well. They said they would call me later in the afternoon and let me know when he could start. From here we had to go and deal with paperwork at the relocation company. Then to Sears to get some uniform ( his uniform with the school logo is still in transit) and school shoes for oliver, he wears plain black Converse, so cool....Then we had to take the hire car back........ So we are now down to one car..... In the mean time paul had a phone call from preschool to say that Isaac could start on Wednesday, the next day. Suddenly I was losing both boys on the same day, with only one car between us....

Wednesday was a very early start. We awoke at 6am, had a pot of coffee waiting for us. We got the boys up, breakfasted and dressed, and we were out the door by 6.40am. Dropped paul at work, in the dark, then headed down I-85 towards Oliver's school. Got there 20 minutes early, which gave me plenty of time to go in, meet the admissions lady, take Oliver to his class, meet his teacher. He seemed to settle really quick, his teacher reminds me of his year 2 teacher at Georgian Gardens, Mrs Woods, so I think they will get on well. I then had to go and wait at the office for one of the administrators so I could get my car pool number. This made me slightly late to get Isaac to school. We got out as quick as possible, and headed to Isaacs school. We were only 5 minutes late in the end, but I had to take him in. One of the office ladies (I swear one day soon I will find out all these people's names), walked us down to his classroom, his teacher showed him where to put his stuff, and off he went. He didn't even say goodbye, I had to go to him! As much as I love my boys, it felt wonderful to be down to just Seb for the morning, so we headed to Anna's for coffee and adult chat. Was nice to meet some people, and have some chats. I hadn't socialised yet, and it was lovely, I look forward to the next time we get together. I might even be brave enough to take 2 children, lol. I don't know when I became worried about taking all my kids out on my own... Probably because I have not got my bearings here yet. Give me a month and the troops will be going everywhere, hopefully (watch us never be invited anywhere again, lol). Popped home briefly, before having to get Isaac. This was my first experience of carpool, they have a circular bit out the front of school, i waited there, the teachers make the effort to know which parents are which. Even on isaacs first day, his teaching assistant recognised me and was able to bring him straight to the car and strap him in. He had a good time, got to play in the park, and I think he liked it a lot. We went home had some lunch, then he had some iPod time. During this, I managed to Skype with my mum, which was great. I did this through the tv, it is great. We then went and got Oliver. This was my first experience of car pool at Olivers school. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Basically, you drive up in 2 lines, one of the staff comes up, you show your number, they tell you what bay to go to, then radio back to school your number, so they know which children to send out, you then drive forward, merge into one line, and drive round to the front of school to collect your child from the numbered bay (it's just a post with a number, and an older pupil helping your child). But for someone like me with 2 other kids, it is convenience itself.....from here we went home briefly before we had to go and pick paul Up. The evening was spent revising and watching tv. I am loving the abc channel so far.... They have dancing with the stars (American equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing) and other quite good program's. now we have our tv sorted its great. Similar to Sky HD with recording capabilities, like a sky box, but the steps aren't quite as clean, iykwim.....

This morning was similar, oliver had a bit of a wobble going into school, i took him in, and a member of staff had to take hom to his classroom. when i dropped isaac at school, he wanted me to park up and take him in, but by the time he had told me this, i was 2 cars away from dropping him at car pool. luckily his teacher came to the car, and he went in happily with her. seb and i went to Walmart to get more stuff for the house, functioning with just 6 of all the plates, cutlery etc was just impossible. It's quite nice to be able to see what we need, rather than having to rely on what we have. After I got Isaac, who had a wobble just before pick up as he had lined up in the wrong line, we had lunch and headed to Kmart. I had gotten Oliver the wrong size socks for school (too small, perfect for seb). While waiting to pay I noticed that seb had lost both his shoes... Cue a mad dash around the shop to try and find them. I found one by the checkout, but could not find the other. So I had to get him new shoes, as we were heading to a park afterwards. All they had was trainers, whereas he had lost his sandals. So I got him a cheap, but nice pair, and some cool trainer socks. We headed to a park near Oliver's school. It was a good park. Another kid turned up while we were there. He had blond curly hair, and Isaac presumed it was Alex, my friend Vicki's little boy. Isaac started playing with him straight away, and the boy played with Isaac. Was very cute, I was going to tell Isaac that it wasn't Alex, but he seemed so happy, and they played really nicely together. I didn't really get talking to the mother, as she had her other half with her, but Isaac was happy, and very bossy to the other boy, despite the fact he was at least 5! We then went and got Oliver, then paul.

This evening I have tried to revise, but I am very tired. 6am starts and me don't really get on. I am hoping and praying paul gets his car soon, as it is hard on the kids, and me to get up so early.....

Tomorrow I am planning on coming straight home after taking Isaac, making a big pot of coffee, and cleaning some of my house. I have already done upstairs and the bathrooms this week, so just downstairs to do tomorrow. I am trying to do it in small chunks every couple of days. So far it is working.

This weekend paul is planning on buying a lawnmower and cutting the grass. We still have some furniture to build. There is a festival on in Greenville that we are thinking of going to on Saturday. On Sunday the Millards ( paul worked with them at Rolls) are coming round for coffee,will be nice to meet them.

This has been an epic update, I really must do it more regularly. Once my exam is out of the way, I plan on going to some local meetups, doing at least one Zumba class a week and relaxing a bit!

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  1. Oliver looks so smart, thanks for the update we were saying at Zumba how weird it is not having you guys around! Glad you are starting to find you're feet, and hope you get second car soon x