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Guest Blogger - Bob, Traveling Tripster

Something a bit different from me folks.  I was approached a wee while ago to write a guest blog post for Traveling Tripster, which I hope to see published very soon.  In return, Bob wrote a piece for me.  It is about Moscow, a place I would never have thought of visiting.  This article does entice me just a little.  Maybe one day…

Read on….

Moscow: A Guide to Incredible Attractions
Moscow in Russia is an extremely lively city to visit. As a tourist, I was well aware of the numerous attractions and scenic spots here which could keep me occupied for days. This capital city of Russia has of late become a major spot for tourists from all over the world. The wonderful combination of both the historical and the contemporary is what sets this city apart. I was completely captivated by the myriad sights, sounds and people around me in this great city.

A look at the Kremlin

The Kremlin is the most obvious choice for any tourist visiting Moscow. It was the first on my list too. The Kremlin truly belongs to one of the most ancient parts of Moscow, or for that matter, Russia. Simply put, it is an architectural splendor. It is a famous landmark not only historically, but also politically. I opted for a guided tour. As I wandered through the Kremlin, I could feel the rich history seep into me. I also stepped into the museums located inside the Kremlin complex like Armory Chamber, Ivan the Great Bell Ensemble, Sobornaya Square etc. I was quite fascinated with the collection of archeology of Moscow Kremlin.

A stroll on the Red Square
Right beside the walls of Kremlin is the Red Square in Moscow. I was told by my guide that this used to be formerly an execution site and also the parade ground. The sights here were quite different all around the Square. A number of Moscow’s popular tourist attractions are around this Square. There is the Kremlin. Then there is the St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Lenin’s Mausoleum. And there is also the extravagant GUM shopping centre. I was indeed spoilt for choices here and I decided to give each of these a shot.

A quick visit to the St Basil’s Cathedral
 I had heard a lot about this Cathedral in Moscow, and once here I decided to give it a visit. There is a popular story behind this Cathedral. It is said that when the Cathedral was complete and the Tsar saw it, he ordered that the architects of this Cathedral be blinded so that such a beautiful piece of architecture could not be built again. The story might be a cruel one, but the architecture of the St Basil’s Cathedral is indeed magnificent. I found it to be a true masterpiece. After the Cathedral I also went and had a look of the Lenin’s tomb.

Walking around the GUM shopping centre

As I entered the GUM shopping centre, I was awestruck by its hugeness. It is rightly regarded as one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. In Moscow, GUM is a famous name for a shopping destination. But once here, I realized that the shops are not the only highlights of this place. This shopping centre has magnificent architecture to boast of. The shops here are ridiculously expensive, no doubt. But strolling here just to take in the beautiful sights is worth it. This shopping centre also acts as a cultural host. A number of art exhibitions take place under its roof. After spending a while in this centre, I was ready for my next experience – the Moscow Metro.

Underground splendor of Moscow Metro

The stations of this metro are regarded as the underground palaces of Moscow. No wonder, the Moscow Metro is a popular haunt of the tourists who want to see the architectural splendor of this place. Each of the stations has its own unique decorative magnificence and is studded accordingly with paintings, monuments, mosaics etc. I found Mayakovskaya to be one of the most beautifully done stations among the rest. A blend of both traditional and unique, my trip through every station proved to be an enchanting experience.

Magnificent ballet performance at the Bolshoi
I decided to conclude my Moscow trip with the performances at the famous Bolshoi Theatre. It is the oldest theatre in the city of Moscow and has been renovated a couple of times. Russian ballet is without doubt a famous part of the Russian culture and I got a great taste of it at the theatre. The performances were par excellence and it was a fine conclusion to the evening.

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  1. I find the modern-day "tourist Russia" difficult to reconcile with the human rights-abusing, big bully of a Communist nation of past... Sounds like a fantastic trip, although it isn't one I'll be taking any time soon.