Thursday, 14 November 2013

What's new with you?

So, what's new?  We have been doing the usual really.....

Oliver had his baseball dinner on Friday night.  They won their last game by a tight margin, 11-10.  Oliver played a blinder.  They were down by 3 runs, Oliver hit it, and managed to get all the way round, with the help of his team mates finding their confidence.  He led the run streak that led to them winning the game.  The coach made a big deal of this at the dinner. All the team were presented with a trophy, and baseball cards made by the coach and his wife of the team.  A very nice touch.  The coach is hoping to arrange some practices over the winter, and has asked everyone, even Oliver if they will be playing again.  I think he wants to try and put together the same unbeatable team for the more serious, more intense spring season. 

Sebastian had his speech evaluation on Friday.  It went well. The therapist was very nice, had a set of standardized questions/activities to help her gauge where he is in his level of speech.  Typically he came in just under what is considered normal, so she recommends speech therapy.  She explained what she does in her sessions, and it all sounds very reasonable.  She said she did a lot of gross motor activities, and when I said that Seb can't jump yet, she took a deep breath and mentioned apraxia.  This can often manifest itself in slow speech development.  She asked if we wanted to be referred for occupational therapy.  No thank you.  Speech therapy is enough for now.....  

We had a fairly relaxing weekend.  A trip to Hobby Lobby where we ended up with quite a few presents for peeps in the UK (you guys are sooooo lucky, you all have wax crayons for Christmas, mmwwwwaaahhhhhhh). Then lunch at Longhorn Steak House.  Paul and I have been craving steak for a few weeks now, and this did not disappoint.  We even managed to sort out the photos for the frames we received for Christmas last year, and I put a compile of significant baby vests into shadow boxes, ready to go up in the house (somewhere). 

Oliver handed in his first book report this week. A day early too.  He has had weeks to do it, managed to do it in a night.  Think he was quite pleased with how it turned out.

It has got really cold here. Paul got a 16 degrees Fahrenheit on the way to work this morning.  That's something like -7degrees C.  Cold.  But it's ok, as it is due back in the low 20's next week....

To be honest, I have been spending most of my time thinking about Christmas.  I need to have all the gifts bought by the beginning of December.  Then I can concentrate on getting us ready for flying back to the UK.  At least I have managed to sort the cats inoculations in preparation  for going to her hotel, which I have also been and booked.  Paul is off the week of thanksgiving.  This coincides with Isaac's birthday, both boys finish lunchtime on the Tuesday. We are hoping to get most of our shopping done that week... I am actually quite looking forward to thanksgiving.  We will be at home, I wanna do a turkey.  Hopefully it will be as good as my one for Christmas.  It will be nice to have Paul and the boys around. It can get a bit lonely with just Seb.  He's not the most talkative of creatures......:-)

I have more I could write, but I don't want to waffle.  I need to think about the competition I am considering entering with this blog.  See my Facebook page for more details.

Ciao xxx

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