Saturday, 30 November 2013

Isaac is 5!

Hey.  I have been putting off doing this. Not sure why, probably because Paul has been off for the last week, and we have been in full holiday mode (slobbing round the house, eating too much and drinking too much)

So last friday night I went to my first Zumba session for about a year.  I went with some ladies from one of my meet up groups.  This class is held once a month at the Kroc Centre in Greenville.  It was an hour and a half class (yikes!)  and I absolutely loved it!!! There were about 6 different instructors, who all took turns doing routines.  There was disco lights and it was very loud.  A real Zumba party.  The best thing……  It was completely FREE! I was very sore all weekend, though it has reignited my love of Zumba.  I have checked out some more local classes, that I hope to attend next week.  I have even looked into the Zumba Instructor training.  This was something I wanted to do when we got here, but I got caught up in other things.  Watch this space…..

Monday was Isaacs birthday.  My boy is now 5 years old.  Where has the time gone?  Typically he had us up nice and early to open his presents.  He had a good haul.

More Imaginext stuff, a tshirt, switch-and-go dino, Lego sets and Hexbugs.  The boys love the Hexbugs.  The best way to describe them is like motorized hamsters, with a circuit to run around.  They are well cool.  I went into school for Isaacs birthday celebration, always so cute, and nice to see the kids in that environment.  This gave Paul the opportunity to take Sebastian to Gymboree, which they both enjoyed.  We got the boys from school, came home and Skyped with relatives which gave them an opportunity to see Isaac open his presents.  Thanks guys, he loves them all!  We then went to Chuckee Cheeses for dinner, which all the boys enjoyed, and didn't end up costing a fortune as we had a voucher!!! Plus as it was a monday night, it was pretty quiet, and Mr Cheese himself even came out to say hello.  We returned home, where we sang happy birthday to Isaac and he blew out his candle on his awesome Paw Patrol cake.  

Tuesday Oliver finished school at lunchtime, we collected him and went out for lunch, a treat for him, as he had been so good about Isaacs birthday.  A real mature big boy about understanding that the presents were Isaacs etc.  We got Isaac, and the pair of them continued to make Isaacs lego sets together.  So cute….

Wednesday, it snowed

It doesn't snow much here, but this really came down for about 3 hours.  Luckily the ground was so wet from the rain storm the day before (it rained for about 24 hours solid), it didn't stick, so we took the boys off to Monkey Joes to enjoy their half price entrance.  Again I was surprised by how quiet it was, considering all the schools in Greenville were off.  The boys had fun for about an hour, then we went for lunch at Papas and Beer (I will do a restaurant review of this, I really need toy catch up on my food blog….).  

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  Oliver is thankful for toilet paper…..  We watched the parade on TV in the morning, while I got on cooking the bird.  It was delicious again.  I made too much food, but the boys all done a good job attempting to eat it.  We then sat down to watch the Croods (another of Isaacs presents) before having apple pie and ice cream.  

Today is Black Friday, so we have been making purchases for Christmas.  Obviously things will be a bit different for us this year, what with traveling home,  so we have a very set list of stuff.  We have been keeping an eye for bargains, so only have about 6 things left to get in total.  And the stocking fillers.  These will be coming to the UK, so I might just wait till we get there.  I want to have all the Christmas presents wrapped and ready to go by next weekend.  I think it is doable…..

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