Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stirling Chili

Last Friday Isaac, Sebastian and I went to Greenville to look for the mice on main.  We managed to find all of them but the first one (I now know where this is, thanks Liene!).  Greenville was looking as beautiful as usual.

 Above is a photo of the boys posing with the recently uncovered bronze statues of students from Stirling High School.  They were covered due to work being down on a nearby building, they stand at the corner of Main Street and Washington Street.  This school has an interesting history, which you can find here.  It was Greenville's first all-black high school, which was burnt down, and was never rebuild, as the School District of Greenville was integrated in 1970.  This area has an interesting past regarding segregation and integration, which one day I will look in to.  Something tells me I may find it quite shocking….

Saturday evening we went to our first chili cook off.  It was held on our subdivision, up a cul de sac.  There were 5 chilies for tasting.  The idea is you put a poker chip to vote on which is the best.  I did not enter, not feeling brave enough (and distinctly lacking in oxo cubes to d anything worthwhile).  We did contribute some desserts though.  The boys had a good time riding their scooters around with the plethora of other children and wheeled items.  When it got dark, they put a film on a house over the road using a big screened projector.  The house opposite had music blaring, and a disco feel.  Here is Seb busting some moves.

We have never seen Seb dance before.  We did not know that he knew what to do.  But he was obviously watching the other children and mimicking them in pure Sebbie style.  He had us in giggles.  You just have to say 'pom-poms' to him now, and he shakes his hands like a cheer leader.  Again, something he has only seen briefly on the TV.  We also found some more English people who live on our subdivision!!! 

Oliver had 'World of Work' day on tuesday.  The idea is to go in with a parent and shadow them in their job for the morning.  As Paul works in a factory that doesn't normally allow children, I put the feelers out with his teacher a little while ago.  Luckily he was able to get a morning shadowing a boy in his class parents.  I think the best way to describe it is that they work in golf.  Literally their whole life is golf.  Oliver spent the morning touring the golf course, and then designing one.  This is him and his class mate hard at work 

Here is there finished project. There were 3 of them that worked on it.  Oliver's is the one on the right. 

He had a great day, partly because he got to drink copious fizzy drinks, play the iPad and got Chick-fil-a for lunch.  He also came away with a goodie bag containing a cap, a book, some golf balls and a memory stick

As Oliver doesn't know golf (and neither do I really), he doesn't know how lucky he was to go and work at this place.  It was an amazing opportunity, and I am so grateful to the parents for having Oliver.  

And thats about it….  Paul has next week off work, and the boys are winding down for Thanksgiving.  It is also Isaacs birthday on monday, which he is really looking forward to.  I am actually looking forward to having everyone at home for more than 2 days…..

(Will probably regret that once the boys are killing each other)

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