Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween and Clemson

I am going to make this quick....

It has been a bit of a long week.  I had Oliver's conference at school.  He is doing really well, batting at above average on most things.  He needs to work on checking his work, his handwriting and becoming more of a risk taker, but she had no major issues with him.

Another baseball game, another convincing win.  The season ends next week, with a scheduled game followed by a make up game.  Then a pizza night and trophy presentation.  I am so hoping that Oliver and Isaac want to do it again next year.

I have caught up with a few friends this week which has been lovely.  Thursday was Halloween, and Oliver and Isaac have been so excited about going trick or treating.  I had to buy Oliver a new costume, as the one we got him last year is still too long in the legs. So he went as a ninja, and Isaac as a pirate (we have really got our moneys worth on that costume)

The boys had great fun.  There was a real sense of community on the subdivision.  Some of the houses got really into it, and were very well decorated.  

We went the whole way round, and even down one of the cul-de-sacs. There is an unwritten rule on this subdivision that you only knock on houses with the outside lights on, but a lot of people had set up their chairs on their drives, ready to greet the trick or treaters.  The car park by the pool was full of cars from people who had come from other areas.  The boys got a very good haul. It was very different to last years experience.

They have been really good about sharing with Seb too.  We have let them eat a fair bit of their candy this weekend.  They have enough to see them till at least Christmas, and that is with Paul and I picking at it too!

What with the craziness of last weekend, we have taken it very easy the last 2 days.  We had a pajama day yesterday, which was great.  We even sat and watched Forrest Gump last night.  I have not seen that movie in ages....

Today we went to Clemson.  This is a big university town, about an hour from here, home of the Clemson Tigers, a real big, and pretty good, college football team.  

We stopped by the stadium, for a little nose.  Typically our boys found the bronze statue, but had more fun playing in the leaves.

Seeing the stadium was amazing.  It has a capacity of 81,000, and pretty much all of the home games for the rest of the season are sold out.  Maybe next year.....

We drove around Clemson, it is a typical university town, though the old buildings are very pretty.  We took the scenic route home, it is that beautiful time of year, where the leaves are just starting to drop.  It makes everything so picturesque.  


My sis-in-law has a blogger challenge happening this month.  You can find the link to the info here.  Basically, she has set a topic for each day to write about.  I will be partaking in a few.  

If you want to join in, please do, just remember to link back to her blog.  

Y'all have fun now!


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